Am I the only one who actually likes how the manga is progressing right now?

  1. Most power ups or training sagas in shonen take a couple of days in general unless there is a time jump Plus he was comunicating directly with the previous users who were teaching him how to use their quirks.

  2. Personally I like how it's going, I may not be a huge fan of the afo/tomura possession thingy but I do still look forward to how it will play out. Don't have a problem with Izuku, but I can understand how other people do.

  3. I enjoy it. It's not MHA at its peak or anything, but I'm having fun with it. I think I'm more looking forward to how the anime does it, because I feel like the pacing issues a lot of people have will be much more palatable.

  4. I don't really see how the anime fixes pacing of moments that we have hard numbers for. We know for a fact that Izuku was only gone for a month and we know for a fact that he learned 4 powers in that month. We know that the end of the war is going to have a bunch of reveals stacked on top of each other. And we know that Shigaraki will go from 2 months until 100 percent to 3 days to 1 week.

  5. I’d prefer AFO trying to take him over but Shiggy’s hatred just gave him too much willpower and he destroys AFO’s vestige instead.

  6. I have a few problem but I am still enjoying the story. Mind you, part of that is also based in what I think will happen and where certain things are leading.

  7. Tbh my only gripe is that he accomplished what looks like near mastery of all these extra quirks in record time. I get the story’s pacing has been a topic of debate but seeing Deku grow and gradually learn to control OFA in increments to now just busting out new quirk combos seems off. Especially since he’s only had OFA for maybe less than a year.

  8. My logic behind this is that he literally has the original owners of perks full wealth of knowledge at his fingers now. The only reason he took time to master the original power is because his body took time to catch up, his mind was always more than capable of using it even better than All Might.

  9. It’s meh to me. My favorite part of MHA when it started was how relatively grounded it was and seeing how characters worked around their limitations. To paraphrase Brandon Sanderson: “weaknesses are more interesting than strengths”

  10. I think everything in the manga recently could have used like 1 or 2 chapters more to go more in depth, explain a few off screen things or show relationships better but overall I still like it. The Edgeshot thing was odd but I never expected Bakugo to die. Deku being a beast I am here for. He kind of sucked for half of the series. Time to be the number 1 is earned in my eyes

  11. Agreed, I am absolutely ready for a quirk-combining Beast-zuku. The quirk inheritance parallels between AfO and OfA are so good. People who complain about him getting multiple quirks is cope. This is last season, when else do we get to see him with a completed OfA if not now? I have the feeling we are going to learn more about the manifestation of Gear Shift later. No way that was the first time he used it.

  12. This final arc has his ups and downs and there are some things that I don't like, but overall I'm actually enjoying it and I'm curios to see how things will go

  13. I have a problem, with everything being solved or addressed in a disrespectful manner. Stars and stripe comes in dead in 5 chapters , deku leaves school problem solved in 3/4 chapters, Kachan dies its only been 2 chapters but will be solved in 2 more, a traitor problem resolved in 2 chapter. All of these things could have been explored and added to the story but instead friend ship cures all. Lately mha has become a greater meme for friendship than yugioh. That afo taking over shigaraki is going well but has potential to be disappointing if friendship wins. Personally mha is one of my favorite manga, but lately its a train wreck.

  14. As a casual fan and not someone that pours over every detail every week, I’m getting a little confused over everything Deku can do now. I know he got a bunch of powers from the previous OFA users, but we barely got any time to get to know his new power set. So when he starts naming them off one by one and combining their effects together, I’m totally lost because I can’t remember what each of them can do and what the limitations are.

  15. what about them cant you remember, the only ones that really require a somewhat detailed explanation are fa jin and now gear shift, one of which was just introduced and explained so it SHOULD be fresh in your memory

  16. He literally has the users of the quirks in his head telling him how to use them. It's really not that outrageous...

  17. It just feels too rushed, like they just want to be done with the story. I wouldn't be upset with the events that are happening if they felt more earned, but by now it just seems like they plot dumped wayyyyy too hard. Doing so gave up a lot of hope for exposition that could have made everything stitch better.

  18. When the whole premise of the story was "kid who's never lifted a weight before becomes a God of power" and then they actually had repercussions for over using the felt good.

  19. The reason people complain such as myself is because we have good reason too. You like OP Deku and thinks he great, good for you and maybe a lot of others might have also enjoyed it if it wasn't for the other characters being thrown to the wolves to get completely butchered just so Deku can look great.

  20. I mean, I think to be fair that’s kind of how things work sometimes? Haven’t you known people that just have a knack for things, like, annoyingly so? Some people have to work really hard to excel, and others have things come more naturally. I’m not saying it’s a perfect balance but I don’t agree with this logic.

  21. My biggest problem from the latest chapters is the Edgeshot situation. It came out of nowhere, and destroyed any narrative tension that the fakeout created. Also, I won't suddenly care about Edgeshot just because Horikoshi made a last-minute emotional connection with him and Best Jeanist. Other than that, I do not like how Deku had to be the savior at the UA fight, making the other heroes look totally useless while we had to watch them being humiliated for multiple chapters.

  22. Shiggy's development has mirrored Deku's though. It's a bit odd that people like Shiggy's development but at the same time are critical of Deku's.

  23. I have the same issue that I had with Madara in Naruto. (And a bit Kaguya but she was so temporary so it barely mattered)

  24. Honestly the manga has been in steady decline in quality since All Might lost his powers with the occasional uptick of greatness here or there like Endeavor vs High End or Miruko vs High Ends or the Todoroki family drama. outside of those things it's been really bad imo.

  25. I have enjoyed the final Act, and the last War immensely. It is a Top 5-10 arc for me, and has some of my favourite chapters and moments- Ch 321, 356, 362 etc. I've appreciated the emotion portrayed and the hype as well.

  26. I'm having a blast reading week to week. My issue is more that the start of this arc felt rushed and weak (also Bakugo revive was just goofy)

  27. I feel that it's progressing too fast and I'm afraid that characters are not properly used, another thing I don't like is the deku not fully controlling the one for all facing a villain also incomplete, unless they improve during the fight we'll be wondering for years as both would be at maximum capacity.

  28. well, tbh it has always been a story about how deku punched his way to top.I guess if worked for All Might, it will work for deku too with a little help from some quirks

  29. I don't think I am enjoying it, more so I just want to see where the story will take us next. I definitely enjoyed it during the arcs before the end of the war, when it was a little more grounded with the students figuring out how to utilize their Quirks in different almost unexpected ways. Especially Deku who was doing his utmost best to catch up to his peers. I kinda stopped enjoying it after the quick end of Deku's vigilantism. I feel like he just grew so, so powerful so, so fast. Many of the students have not progressed and have almost no role to play now story-wise, save for the select few. I'll still read it and may collect its physical volumes one day though.

  30. I’ve been disappointed with the story for a while. I always wanted horikoshis pacing to be similar to kishimotos but here we are and the American comic book pacing is what he went for. I personally would have loved to have a whole arc on the prison break after the war and also deku leaving and becoming a vigilante could have been an amazing arc but it ended too fast and was handled poorly imo. The whole manga feels rushed to me. That being said im already too invested to drop this series so here is hoping that he can rein it in. I also wanted a high end nomu arc akin to what kubo did with the arrancar arc in bleach.

  31. Overall I like how the arc is going….But its kinda rush….I really wanted the story to dive more into deku’s trauma after his vigilante run.…no one can go back on the hero path after living in a war zone… deku is basically back to normal and its kinda frustrating. Like my guy was fighting for his life everyday… while abandoning everyone he cares about.. mental scars take time.

  32. I like it but wish w had a bit more time and different execution. Like have Izuku slowly unlock his Quirks and train on screen. I missed it when we could follow Izuku's progress through each and every hurdle

  33. Honestly? Sunk Cost Fallacy is the only thing that's keeping me in. The story has been awful, and every time someone tries to argue 'it's not bad' I can hear them inhaling the copium.

  34. There are definitely a lot of people who like the manga right now, just look at Twitter for everyone gassing the fuck out of this fight.

  35. In my opinion, it's a common problem in the endings of arcs that have been hyped for years. Many readers create "their own ideal ending" in their minds, and are angry/disappointed if the script turns out to be something different..

  36. Yeah, why would anybody think silly things like the international heroes coming over to help the Japanese heroes only for them to immediately get axed from the story. I can't think of where they possibly got that idea.

  37. The only big issue I have had with the manga "recently" is the Villain Hunt arc, and I just wanted that arc to be longer. Not even necessarily Midoriya's part, but I would have liked to see 1-A traveling through Japan, building up the mutant Quirks issue, maybe see some familiar faces (the Shiketsu students, maybe Gentle and La Brava, etc), and in the background they hear stories about "the hero who doesn't look like a hero".

  38. I like it too. I just don't post a whole lot. But my favourite anime is also Fairy Tail and I love the whole PoF power ups and people not truly dying and things like that so maybe I'm just weird and lame 😛. Doesn't matter. I am happy with how BNHA is going, and if people aren't, well, I guess they can feel that way too. But I'll follow it to the end.

  39. Before I started reading the manga I thought it was weird how AFO, the big evil with a never ending hunger for power, would want a succesor, so I predicted that something was going on with him and something like we have today is more in character than anything else. The thing is that, even if it seemed out of character, the whole series was building up to the passing the torch theme, how All Might and AFO were part of the past and the new symbols were rising, so this takeover, even tho ot makes sense (and it was actually one of the best parts of the war), it made a lot of what happened pointless.

  40. you’ll find that the majority of people still enjoy the series, it’s just vocal minorities that make it seem like the opinion of the series being complete shit now is more prominent than it is

  41. On another note—people still coping with Shigaraki obviously not being the Big Bad are a large part of the complainers. AFO got rewound (which I didn’t know how but I knew he would definitely come back, I mean come on guys) but people are mad that he’s def the final boss. The league of villains just aren’t their big bad guys anymore and are gonna get saved and people hate it for some reason.

  42. I still enjoy it. I've been rewatching the anime though and it almost seems like a different show. At some point Horikoshi made a massive left turn and abandoned a ton of set up he laid down in the earlier parts. I believe the ending will still be satisfying, but I would have liked to see AFO in the retired advisor role like All Might instead of taking over Shiggy. And I would have liked to see Deku have a longer, harder path to becoming a demi god. A time skip would have been perfect. I really miss the academia part of MHA. I wanted to see the next sports festival with Deku as the challenge that all of his classmates need to try to overcome, and the Deku/Kacchan tiebreaker as proper rivals.

  43. I think you’d be surprised how few people are doing the complaining. 10 people do 90% of the whining, they just post 50 comments a week each so it seems like more.

  44. Yes I am! It’s definitely got it’s flaws, but what doesn’t. I don’t really enjoy nitpicking things apart just to ruin the experience for myself. That being said, I’m hoping AFO loses control of Shigaraki soon, and will give us time for Shigaraki vs Deku. I get there’s a lot of criticism, but to me a lot just feels like a few people who enjoy bashing the hell out of the series. I’m bummed not as many people are enjoying it, but enjoyment is subjective. A lot of the points and arguments I see feel like nitpicking to the smallest detail, where I’m willing to give the author the benefit of the doubt on most things.

  45. I’m sorry, but if all you’re seeing is nitpicks you’re not looking deep enough. There are big sweeping issues with the story as it currently stands and if you still enjoy it that’s fine, but saying the criticism is just nitpicks is wrong

  46. Finally some positivity for my hero. People are upset for the strangest reasons. I like how it's going and it's nice to see others have enjoyed the ride too.

  47. “The main character is barely the main character anymore and kinda sucks, and the main villain of the series was replaced with a much less interesting villain” Yeah dude the strangest reasons

  48. I have no issues and honesty do not know what all the neg hype is about. It's as if people never read the end of a manga before. Not all characters stories end the way we want nor will the pacing be just perfect. All in all MHA has been a fun ride!

  49. I’m with you man! I love everything Horikoshi has done. I definitely stay away from this Sub more the past Year though. You basically have the same handful of people here (that have been on this Sub for Years) and all they do is bitch about every decision Hori makes. I think these people don’t have alot going on, so being the head of the hate squad on the MHA sub is there one thing they have going for them in life I guess lol They all think they know every move Hori will make and it especially is hilarious that most of them on here over a year ago said “MHA will be done within a year! Hori is rushing!” Yet the story continues. So yeah they story is 100. But this Sub is a cancer lol

  50. No you're not alone, I can understand some peoples reservations and issues but at the same time it hasn't had any negative impact on my enjoyment of it or excitement for what comes next.

  51. It really looks like Deku figured out how to use 100% and I don’t think it’s an ass-pull but I hoped it was not done off screen/page. His last serious fight was with Lady Nagant while using 45% and while he was fighting villains in the dark Deku arc I guess he figured out how to use 100%? I expected him to get bodied by Shiggy a bit then awaken One For All mid fight but that may have been too cliche.

  52. Nah you're definetely not the only one. I can get a bit of the criticism of some aspects of the final act but I think it's snowballed to just mindless nitpicking and shit talking. I saw some mfers in a thread criticizing the fact that Star and Stripes couldn't stand on top of a jet plane because it's physically impossible.

  53. I like the manga but it has failed to make me care for anyone other than 5 to 6 characters. Deku, afo, Shigaraki, the USA hero that already died, and MAYBE Eri. Anyone else is just boring. In the latest chapter they showed Spinner or whatever, and I couldn't care less. The rest of the so-called villains are boring. The story made the big three irrelevant. God knows why people like the most toxic character of the series and the only cool thing for me was him getting killed but now he is getting saved with a BS stunt. Shigaraki is gonna wake up at some point just because his younger self is gonna help Deku.. ok? Boring. Deku trying to save a mass murderer because of the power of love? Boring.

  54. This! Like sure it’s impossible to please everyone but come on the manga is doing pretty great. While yes I do like shigaraki, I do like seeing more of AFO because he’s been just in the shadows. As far as deku, we got the gist of him working on his quirks before; and I mean seeing him master some of them would’ve felt like the manga was taking its time (filler chapters?). Also deku has been shown to be smart, analytical and works hard; so the whole mastering quirks right away isn’t to far fetched. But at the end of the day everyone has their thoughts.

  55. I enjoy the parallel between AFO and OFA. AFOs power is passed on to Shigaraki, just for the sole purpose of consuming him and evolving to someone stronger. OFAs power is passed on to Deku, who instead of being consumed by the power, he’s actually being guided by it. It’s the classic Sun/Moon parallel and I love how they’re doing it. I’m with you my friend!

  56. Think of how boring a training arc would have been! Hirokishi is getting right into the good meaty bits. The Katsuki revival was funny and unexpected but it didn’t ruin it for me personally. I’m excited to see how the rest of the story will play out

  57. I love it!! Honestly I think time will prove us right in the end and anyone who has issues with it needs to take a break and read something else because they are really killing the vibe.

  58. Ah yes, all criticism is invalid and you’ll be right in the end despite no evidence pointing to that. People just need to leave if they don’t like seeing the thing they’ve been invested in for years getting worse!

  59. I still like it. My favorite manga of all time (Claymore) is far from perfect but will still love it while excepting its flaws. I think some parts of MHA recently were poorly done but I'm not going to complain and be toxic and ruin it for other fans like so many others are.

  60. I agree with most of this other than your analysis of All For One. I think he may actually be Horikohsi's most layered character in the series, although Endeavor is a close second.

  61. I think it’s phenomenal. The villains and heroes are both being very competent and going all out, and we’re seeing everyone at their best. The toxic hating fan base won’t change that, it’ll just make the people who love the series keep it to themselves

  62. I’m fine with it. Is it the best it could be? No. But I am still absolutely enjoying it and read every week. I understand people are upset but I don’t understand continuing a series that makes you that upset. Come back when it’s over and just rage binge it. The toxicity in the fandom is what has really what has soured the experience for me.

  63. Deku's only really been a serviceable hero for a third of the story. We've seen him struggle and grow for long enough. I'm glad he just gets to be a no-holds-bared badass for once.

  64. I love how it’s going. Imo people complaining about Shigaraki are people who bought into his extremely obvious unreliable narrating during MVA, who thought that he actually “let go” of his past and stepped into an independent role. Idk why it even needs to be explained how that is literally the opposite of what happened, but yet people still scream retcon or whatever. The MC being OP doesn’t bother me but the fights aren’t what invest me in the story. I like when the quirks have emotional meanings (like Shouto’s and Shigaraki’s and Toga’s), but beyond that the quirks are just entertainment for fights—so whatever is done with them is whatever. The Deku/Shigaraki plot line is my favorite, Toga Ochacko and Todofam is next. So yeah, needless to say I very much prefer the current situation in the manga (saving villains).

  65. I’ve been enjoying it, but I feel like it’s speeding up too quickly? We won’t know until they get back to Deku’s fight but it seems to be going too smoothly. I think there will be a twist (Bakugo is still down and I think he will fight AFO) but I’m worried because people are theorizing that the manga will end beginning of next year. Which doesn’t seem like enough time to go to all the groups and cover their fights, finish Deku’s fight and then do the final recap and brief time skip most mangas do.

  66. Honestly, I would’ve preferred Horikoshi went the route of OPM where we followed everybody else and their battles before we got to the big one. Saitama was not actively present for what felt like huge chunks of the manga before he showed up to do one thing then we went back to everyone else. Really gave a chance to show what all the other heroes could do before the one guy we know is going to save the day arrives.

  67. I actually don’t mind the AFO possessing Shigaraki plot. AFO seems like a Muzan type douche who’s willing to do whatever it takes to ensure his will is carried forward, and what better way to do that than possess someone who’s stupidly powerful as well.

  68. I like some plot points recently and the arts great. But I feel like the pacing is way off and Horikoshi could really have placed the fights in a different a better order. I feel like all of the AFO (using the pill or w/e to reverse his body’s physical state) and the Shigaraki fights needed to have been setup (basically did with AFO) and then we would switch to another fight like Dabi. Fight ends, a bit more progress with the final 2 then switch to Toga, etc. at least that’s how I would’ve written and pasted it. We should’ve seen 1-2 chapters of Izuku fighting other shit as he gets to Shigaraki, even if it was quick it’d show his new progression with his quirks; I also have no complaints about Izuku, he SHOULD be as impressive as he is here. But I’ll let him write his story his way in hopes of him tying it all up. Still think he’s trying to wrap everything up, including an epilogue, by chapter 400 (max).

  69. I mean I like it I just wish we could see more of the other fights happening while shigaraki is doing his thing which I hope we see more of the other fights in this week's chapter.

  70. I think that the manga lost a lot of quality since Deku returned to the school. It's being way too rushed and I disagree with many choices that Kohei made regarding the plot, but honestly? I still find the manga very fun if I turn off my brain and just read it for what it is currently: A shallow series with cool fights

  71. I think everything‘s rushing BUT if it wasn‘t for that, I really like the final arc so far. I just find it sad that we‘re in the endgame after only one year and a little within the story. The characters and the world holds so much potential for amazingly entertaining storylines that I think it‘s such a shame Horikoshi didn‘t take his time. Maybe he‘ll continue after winning over AFO. The only thing that would end this show for sure would be the vanishing of quirks.

  72. Bakugo and Edgeshot should both die. It’s lazy, generic writing. Truthfully not sure how much of it is the editor pushing for it, but it’s really annoying.

  73. Nope. Im pretty much enjoying this ride so far. My only issue was the Villian Hunt Arc as Hori def rushed through that, but this final battle arc has been perfect

  74. Bro I just need some of these side stories to wrap up before my next tattoo appointment lol I just KNOW there'll be some great panels coming out with the Dabi comeback

  75. Yeah. I've been good with it (minus the Edgeshot solution for Bakugo. It was kinda hinted when he knocked out Kurogiri during the Kamino incident, but ... Eh). I trust Horikishi to keep doing his thing though, and he's got Lemillion in there doing his thing too, so I'm not complaining. I'm definitely enjoying it :)

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