MHA vs Shonen Manga

  1. That’s why I dropped this series years ago. The early stages were so good. Like actually so fucking good. Then somewhere in the whole villain league thing forgot what it’s called, the one with re destro, after that arc, it just went full on power ups after power up, “hype” reveals after “hype” reveals, completely dropping the original theme of “students training to be heroes”. It just became deku. And it’s not even deku’s progression towards a hero. He’s already being displayed as THE hero of the story. It’s just an average marvel superhero comic now.

  2. That's is a perfectly reasonable answer. Maybe in my head I wouldn't make a YouTube video about. But I did make a reddit post on the topic so what do I know

  3. I personally feel like MHA occasionally goes through a deconstruction-reconstruction phase when it comes to executing what we usually expect from Shonen. And still does to an extent.

  4. I have never once heard anyone described My Hero Academia fights as methodical or slowly paced. They tend to go really quickly unless it's against the main villain of an arc. Jujutsu Kaisen is the one that will have a 8 chapter fight that uses chemistry and complicated abilities along with a ticking clock to build tension. My Hero is the one where Endeavour tackles his enemy and explodes them to death above the city in a blaze of defiant glory while screaming a catchphrase.

  5. Because the wriitting is straight up bad, and I don't care about sales or numbers. Quality is what matters me the most, and if quality drops to fit the audience, it's still dropping, regardless of the reason.

  6. When I say MHA has adapted the way other shonen are written I'm more referring to how the series builds up to a fight or to a power up. Essentially, in the past, characters got stronger by being smarter, with a healthy mixture of strength. Now no matter how strong or experienced a character is they will lose if their quirk is not powerful enough.

  7. In what way is the Shie Hakassai arc "Borderline filler"? It gave us the big 3 who would remain relevant until the end of the series, several of the minor pro heroes, Eri and her quirk which is still a major player in the final battle, overhaul himself has come back and will probably play a part in the epilogue. It gave backstory to Mina and Kirishima, plus character development for the latter, backstory on All Might in the years leading up to the story, and we get to see the steps that the league are taking after losing AFO.

  8. To be fair I did say don't complain my comment is aimed at hoping people will accept that the manga has transformed. I actually don't like what has happened to the show, however I can appreciate that a lot of people LOVE all the changes that have occurred.

  9. It is very simple. People are complaining about it because they weren't ready for it. When we get 300 chapters in one style but then suddenly shift to another, even if it is normal for any other manga, it would still feel out of place.

  10. True I agree with you Maybe I'm a negative person but I knew this swift would eventually happen. It just happens with so many series

  11. I think folks are just worried that MHA will end up going down the road as other shonen series. The problem most of these super powered Shonen series face is that everyone has to get more powerful to fight the next big bad. Naruto is good example of this. At the beginning, properly using a ninja tool along side a jutsu with some degree of strategy, ment that you were a great ninja. Eventually though something had to improve to fight the next big bad, and they chose the jutsus. What wound up happening, is that Naruto became DBZ but with ninjas. Some found that enjoyable, others didn't. MHA has an advantage here in that, in story, there's info on how strong the strongest heros are. So Deku will likely be that strong by series end. To counter this, the villains have to also be that strong in order for Deku to have a reason to be as strong as All Might was. Now MHA can just become DBZ but with superheroes, but I don't think that's the direction it's going. At least, I hope that's not the direction it's going.

  12. And I'm happy you are happy. However I'm curious, would you like a very of MHA that commits to the characters finishing high school before they get involved in wars and crazy fights?

  13. So I was actually discussing this with a friend. And they argued that MHA is just differently good now. Remember a lot of people love the new direction of the manga. I don't but some people do.

  14. Don’t listen to overrated shitty YouTubers opinions for anime/manga and just follow your own enjoyment. If you like mha for what it was and what it is now more power to you man, have fun. I have my problems with it but I still love mha. I stoped watching anime youtubers ages ago when I realized a lot just regurgitate what’s the common popular views on series and don’t actually form their own opinion

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