182 Industries

  1. We will only be loosely moderating new posts on the subreddit over the coming weeks, go wild, go speculate and let's get hyped up. Upvote posts you want other fans to see, downvote duplicate threads. Megathreads will suck the fun of any incoming announcements. Subreddit rules still apply, be kind to each other!

  2. For real tho. This build up/mystery is awesome. I also can’t think of when blink was openly dirty/jokey with their marketing. Everything seemed so serious after TOYPJ

  3. Wouldn’t be surprised if the people on this are in the hopefully soon to be released single/music video

  4. I was thinking the same. The heavy set guy with dark hair looks like Jon Gabrus. He’s a comedian that lives in LA, so…

  5. One of them is a YouTube comedian named Amanda McCants. She's pretty funny. Not sure if she has any connection to Blink.

  6. They seem to be fully embracing the humor side of blink. I did not expect that. But I'm happy for it, it's what the world needs right now.

  7. I will never forget, I will never regret, I will live my liiiiiiife (sorry hearing closer to the edge reminded me of 30 Seconds to Mars lol)

  8. Yesssssss guys I’m so fucking amped up right now. They’re back in full force, building hype in the proper way for once…. Exciting time to be a blink fan if you ask me

  9. Your future is “cumming”. Points to blink home page. Edge and Blink of an eye are something related to blinkitalia’s posts. I need someone smarter than me to explain this as though I were 5 years old.

  10. To me this is pretty clear. They’re ratcheting up the immaturity, the potty mouth humor. Yes, those are Mark things. BUT, those are undoubtedly trademark Tom traits. Would they take this approach of it were just another chapter in the Skiba era? To me this feels olds school, street-team level, bread crumb dropping, hype machine building just like they always did best in their prime.

  11. No profile history except this post, hmm. Ok. I'm gonna go out on not much of a limb here and say this is definitely part of Blink's marketing team. You've been had OP. I'm on to you.

  12. The gorilla marketing campaign has already started…the official announcement will be any day now…but this is a really fun way to build up the anticipation

  13. YES. MOAR. GIMME MORE OF THIS HYPE. (And if it's a repeat of last month and we get nothing, I'm already all ready to be heartbroken again :))

  14. I feel like with all this low key HYPE, their official announcement of Tom back plus huge tour will be insane. Or at least I hope.

  15. If you look closely at two of the images they are in front of the same store. These are most likely from a video based off that.

  16. I see Knucklehead Tom on that poster (MMA fighter and Singer of the knuckleheads) there’s every chance this is people from the upcoming video!

  17. Has the logo has 5 arrows previously? Googling 182 industries shows a kids tee named industries with the 5 arrows and “crappy punk rock” tagline

  18. Whether or not it involves Tom, SOMETHING is happening. But everyone needs to grab ahold of themselves. None of this is proof of Tom.

  19. They move fast. The domain wasn't even registered until 5th October! Or at least some sort of change to the domain.

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