How Do Blind See

  1. I think you're asking the wrong question here. Not all thinking is visual thinking. Recognition or other forms of cognition don't have to run through an image. Also, blind people don't generally feel people's faces, or they mostly only do in situations where a sighted person would, like with a lover.

  2. You expect them to give you a visual description? Because I think you need to understand something about being blind first, if you expect that.

  3. Um ... well, assuming we have some sight left -- which most visually impaired people and even several legally blind ones (including me!) do -- we see through our eyes. How much depends on each individual's condition.

  4. Thank you for the reply and i sincerely apologize for my ignorance, I feel I came off as disrespectful and that was not at all my intention.

  5. That’s amazing. I feel like the love that a visually impaired person has for any given person is the most genuine kind of love because so much of what a person with sight loves, is based off physical qualities; which a visually impaired person does not have the luxury of seeing.

  6. Well, most blind people have some residual vision, so what each of us sees is going to vary by person. I have quite a bit of usable vision for a blind person, so I can see large features, such as how tall they are, skin colour, hair length and style, but not what colour their eyes are (unless we’re at kissing distance), facial expressions, or what they’re looking at. Eye contact remains incomprehensible.

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