Random thoughts from a person with monocular vision... (blind in one eye)

  1. I think missing a high five is worse!! I as well have monocular vision. Another one is handshakes!!! Oh gosh! Missing someone’s hand and them not knowing what’s going on, ugh. Having the pony tail on my head to much to one side! I swear it looks and feels like it’s in the middle! Having someone sit on your blind side and not hear them and getting scared when you finally see them!! Depth perception? What’s that? Lol. I take bigger steps and the look on peoples faces are quite funny!

  2. i think its funny people will get mad at me because they have been "handing me" something for so long and i dont see it haha and handshakes are bad i go for the awkward two handed hand shake good stuff

  3. Throughout my life I’ve had 20/400 in my left and 20/20 in my right. Now I have a partial detachment in my left and have to get a vitrectomy, gas bubble, scleral buckle, and cataract done all in one procedure. Not looking forward seeing as the best I’ll get after all that is 20/400!

  4. i up vote because i feel your pain and im sorry about your time please understand that losing anything is scary and surgery is never fun but time heals everything

  5. Hey man, as someone who has had 5 back to back surgeries on my left eye (last of which was yesterday) don’t worry too much! I only have a tiiiiny bit of vision left now because of reoccurring full detachments but honestly after the first surgery it was pretty much back to normal. It really isn’t as painful as you would think. The laying on your face gets annoying but just be diligent and hopefully the all-in-ome procedure will be the last! Don’t be like me and not get your eyes checked for years, keep up on them and hopefully with laser they can prevent anything else! Much love and hopefully everything works out great for you!

  6. I've got monocular vision now, myself. However, before I got to this point, when both eyes functioned better, I never had stereoscopic vision. I mean, I did, but my brain didn't process it correctly. So, all my life, I've never had the same level of depth perception as others. The upside to this? It trained me for how things are now. The transition from stereo to mono wasn't that much of a struggle. I do find myself running into things or hitting the right side of my head more often, though.

  7. learn to walk with you feet not your eyes just take extra big steps to "kick" the wall instead of hitting your head i still run in to walls all the time tho

  8. by nature, i feel uncomfortable to keep my head centered instead of keeping my good eye centered. so, my head is always weirdly angled to one side. i noticed it back when i first had a group photo taken. everyone's face was centered, except mine.

  9. i would say that your the only one thats not a robot! lol i noticed that when im walking thru a crowd i overcompensate and watch my blind side to much and run into people on the good side haha

  10. I was born blind in one eye and have never had any problems. Binocular people can be fooled easily with 3D illusions on a 2D surface and other illusions like that while monocular people have no such issues in life we see reality as it is. Aside from delusions of grandiosity and all that. I’d say one eyed people are far superior

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