How do u manage your summon urge

  1. Made this realization recently after I pulled Masaki and Toki within a week of each other. I’ll just stick to favorites and meta

  2. Just imagine that you'll get shafted and that the hours that you spent collecting your precious orbs has gone to waste and that you'll never have enough orbs for anniversary and that the anniversary character is someone you want so bad

  3. I only summon on EOM banners and exclusive banners, I go 5 steps and thats it (I break this rule if units are busted or I really like them).

  4. Also having an urge to summon is normal at first. I dropped a multi or two when I felt like there was a dry season but don't worry about it if you do, just forgive yourself and spend time on other game modes or non-bbs things.

  5. I remind myself that it would be my own fault that I don't have the orbs to go to all steps for characters I want if I spend too many orbs on banners I don't like. It's pretty easy if your favorite characters don't get featured in months, years, or even at all.

  6. Honestly? Maybe nut a couple of times and then ask yourself if you really need to summon 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. I don't. I just grind when I run out. With ad summons, premium tickets, and my 2 pass tickets I managed a few 5 star's a week. So I get enough orbs for characters I want.

  8. For me, I just summon only on movie banners (since I love the movie units and collectors value) and that’s pretty much it.

  9. Have one dedicated favorite character that’s actually really good and is able to clear Nightmare IZ on auto. One for every element. Then you’re pretty much done with the game.

  10. After you ran out of most orb sources you really dont have anything to do actually 😂 When i had plenty of orbs i would pull on almost every banner but after getting shafted really hard my urge just dissapperead. Now i just pull on the units i want so bad and mostly wait for indivuduals. Another thing is if you have tickets you can use them thinking like it’s a banner, most of the time the outcome will be the same lol

  11. The dopamine rush of watching my orbs grow is greater than my need to spend them. Plus they've been coming out with some real lackluster banners (really Klab? Movie characters? Freaking nanao of all people?), so it's fine. Plus they've been generous this month with orbs so it's a good time to stack. I was at zero, and now I'm at about 1.5k and that's just the middle of the month.

  12. I’m just not playing as much and just do the point event once or twice a day when I have time. Other than that I’m only going to summon for Candice or gremmy if they come back before anniversary.

  13. Always have a set guideline on what I need. If a new unit is good like Ani Byak or Tokinda, I will summon for them if not only go for favorites after that. If Shinji is in the banner goin all in till he's 5/5

  14. I'm probably one of the more 'restrained' player in this sub as I've never experienced severe lack of orbs.

  15. Go on the summons simulator site and do some practise summons, you’ll get shafted enough that you won’t dare spend orbs

  16. BBS tickets. Farm them from the points event, and do a single multi (x10) daily to scratch that itch. Also do the free daily ad summons: it's only a 1x pull on a crap 3% Premium Pool, but it's paid off for me about 5x times since they first implemented ad summons last year(?)

  17. Farm pe, stock tickets, and when you feel the urge to summon do just one multi witht the tickets. That's how I do it personally and it works (althought I don't have an intense urge, I thought this might help).

  18. Grind the events for Tickets and use tickets instead of orbs I usually get around 100+ Tickets by mid month / EOM and I summon (not with the hope of getting the best characters) instead I just want to see 5* animation.

  19. The number one thing I do is look who I really use, maybe a 5th of my collection, and only pull if there’s any class / killer/ trait combinations I really really need.

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