The idea of needing to flex all time is crazy to me.

  1. You honestly have the life I aspire to have. I’ve always kinda struggled to make friends because people just be weird nowadays and I’d rather have a drama free trip than go somewhere and have to deal with arguing and people being immature. And plus traveling by yourself means you can do everything you want without having to sacrifice for other people

  2. People that constantly need the validation of others REALLY don’t understand that some of us just can’t be bothered. Socialization is important but I’m happiest when I’m doing my own thing on my own.

  3. I skipped the first two and went straight to vacation by myself. it's fun, you can do what you want, dont have to coordinate with anyone.

  4. I know this may sound odd, but how did it feel at first? I’m just now trying to get comfortable enough with myself to where I can do things alone. This weekend I packed a bag and went to a random cabin in the woods by myself and it was so nice and peaceful. I’ve been wanting to get out more alone, but it feels so strange and uncomfortable lol

  5. Completely agree with the travelling for work making me comfortable with doing things alone! First it would be dinner at the bar of a restaurant and maybe a book or I’d FaceTime someone. Now I don’t care where I sit, and don’t need the book or the FaceTime call to enjoy the meal.

  6. In my college/younger days I was abroad by myself for like 18 months in a span of 3 years. It was seriously awesome. I made friends but I also had a lot of alone time on the train, on the plane, in the subway/bus, traveling to see things and do things by myself. It was honestly pretty fucking sweet. This was also pre smart phone so my mind would just wander or I'd read books, or listen to music, or just kind of relax. It was seriously awesome. Now I have a wife and a kid and I'm rarely alone. But I also travel for work sometimes and I just really fucking relish the alone time I get.

  7. Traveling for work is what helped me embrace eating alone. Now I look forward to wining and dining myself. Fancy restaurants are so much more affordable when I’m only feeding myself instead of both my husband and I!

  8. Can you teach me how to be comfortable with my self? Cause every time I'm alone I'm worried I'm gonna start talking and I know I'm gonna say something that I find stupid.

  9. I've been goin to the movies alone for like 15 years. Haven't quite graduated to eating by myself, but I hope to one day.

  10. I hate talking to people in my daily life, but if I’m in a hotel elevator on vacation, I can’t help striking up a random conversation.

  11. I just took a solo trip to Jamaica in August. I booked it and gave the info to people who asked, but I was not waiting for anyone else to get their money together or request leave to determine when or if I went. Went to Vegas in October with sister, 3 cousins and my aunt and had the best time with this group. My cousin who I roomed with was the best roommate ever. On the flip, I traveled to Mexico for a wedding and roomed with a friend (second time doing it) and I'll never go anywhere with her again.

  12. Love going to the movies by myself. I can show up when I want, and if I hate it, I can leave. It’s an hour and half, at least, of me away from my phone and everything else going on in the world. It’s like a mini-vacation.

  13. Not only that, psychology studies tend to show that far fewer people notice you or pay attention to you than what you think. Most people are thinking about their own personal BS.

  14. Nah when I'm out alone I make aggressive eye contact with ppl, they gotta know I'm happy by myself. Gotta flex on the peasants who need shit like conversation to have a good meal /s

  15. She could’ve just said “I’m anxious and can’t stand to be without external stimulation for 30 minutes” and left it at that

  16. Damn, Mfs really don’t be taking themselves out huh. Once a month, I take my ass to my favorite diner, get my favorite sandwich, put on a podcast and chill out. I look forward to that day every month.

  17. I wish I could do this. As soon as I say something about going out, wife and daughter talking bout “where we going?” 🤣

  18. Every year I take my birthday (or nearest work day) off. I spend the day going out to eat exactly where I want, staying as long as I like, sitting in a park somewhere relaxing, seeing a movie, whatever I want all by myself. No one else is invited, it's MY day. Are people just afraid to be alone with themselves so much?

  19. The amount of times I've had people question why I don't like them simply because I'm minding my own business and not readily engaging with any and everybody is wild to me. I guess you can say I'm somebody you'd have to engage with first in order to get anything out of me, I'll speak but after that initial greeting I'm chilling because I need to feel you out.

  20. Silence, or lack there of, is exactly why I DONT enjoy eating out alone. If I am not eating with someone I want to be alone in a quiet space enjoying a video. Having all the restaurant noises going on in the background without a friend is just annoying to me.

  21. Lmao this is really just a compliment to the people that eat alone. The flex is that she's envious of peace and tranquility

  22. Lol funny enough whenever I eat by myself, I am usually reading a book and don’t want to be disturbed. Most people I see eating by themselves are usually engrossed in something. Not all entertainment involves human interaction 🤷🏾‍♀️

  23. Everything in my life is a flex, when I’m done takin a crap, I open the door and announce to an empty apt “Don’t cha wish your colon was clean like me”. Then after I finish my coffee I open the front door with the empty cup and show it to anyone driving by with a really smug look, and shake my head, chumps.

  24. How is someone eating alone trying to flex? They literally chose to eat by themselves, without any chosen crowd to witness.

  25. I love eating by myself. I go to the bar and I talk with folks if I want to and they have the bandwidth. If the bartender and folks near me are busy with their own tasks or thoughts I read shit on my phone like I would at home but with a hot plate of fries and a cocktail in front of me instead.

  26. I think the word "flex" gets thrown around too loosely because I can guarantee people eating out alone including myself are not trying to "flex" We are simply living .

  27. Going out by yourself is very rewarding. You do not have to compromise with anyone. I like going out for food that I feel for... on my time.. in sweats.. and my reading glasses.

  28. I guess listening to comedians in my headphones, or keeping them off while I read a book or study was an apparent attempt to flex on my part, and that it just wasn't the flex that I was supposed to think that it was...

  29. As a life long introvert ..impulsive person..that became a flight attendant.. I go out/travel/shop/dine alone specifically for the peace of no one else chatting me up..and also because why TF not..I love it

  30. I love going to then movies by myself and going to a new restaurant by myself and make it a point to do so once a week. There’s not a damn thing wrong with it.

  31. I would love to see what the thread was saying. If you think these people need to "flex" to show they're comfortable with their own being then let them flex.

  32. It's a flex in that people will deny themselves enjoying something because they don't have someone to enjoy it with. So not only are you alone... You're alone and missing out?

  33. The way I LOVE being by myself. It’s a flex because YOU ARE YOUR OWN COMPANY. And I happen to think I’m hilarious and a little cute

  34. I'm a server and solo diners are usually great. Most of the regulars are solo diners. Most of them just want to scroll through their phone or read a book and it's glorious.

  35. If I eat out by myself, it's because I was hungry, wanted a particular type of food, and/or wanted to relax by myself for an hour or so.

  36. Nah but some people act like it is the bravest thing to do something alone, like they are so radically independent for going to see a movie by themselves. Like damn yall there is no need to brag about this. It's not that important.

  37. If I want to enjoy someone's company fully, I'd go to a place that I can do that. Only going to a place where it'll be crowded, loud, other people can hear your convo, etc. doesn't sound pleasant to me.

  38. I go to the movies, mall, concerts, etc alone. I can't be waiting for people to go with me or I'd never go anywhere. I love taking my time, and not being rushed because people have other things they want to do. And I go out with my friends multiple times a week.

  39. Reminds me of that ig posts that tries justifies black people spending all of their wealth to be covered in jewelry because our great great ancestors are depicted to be doing it.

  40. Before I got married, I'd dine out by myself all the time, and I kind of miss having the quiet time to just eat and read without having to make conversation.

  41. Eating out by myself is life! I enjoy bringing a nice book, preferably something funny. I treat myself to some good food, a good read, and laugh to myself while enjoying my own company.

  42. When I used to work in a restaurant the single person tables were my favorite. Usually in and out within an hour and more pleasant than a larger group.

  43. mugs can’t validate their own existence without an outside source keeping tally of the clout they so enthusiastically exude from their pores needing to be shared with the masses.

  44. I must be the only person that doesn't get flexing on people. I don't even care about myself why tf would everyone else???

  45. I struggle to be alone with myself. Hate to admit it but it’s true. Admire people who don’t get stuck in their heads and tear themselves apart like I do. One day, though, maybe it’ll be better….

  46. She does realize they have food right? And it's like 90% butter and sugar, so it taste super good. Way better than anything I'd make at home because I couldn't bring myself to put that much butter and sugar into one thing without fear of death.

  47. I feel like is the idea of promoting doing things by yourself, as you being in a better situation mentally than others. I personally see that a lot on social media (not everyone does it).

  48. I absolutely love eating out by myself. I’m social but also like alone time. I used to care what people think, now I seriously couldn’t care less

  49. I always assure those that think it’s weird that there is literally no one else in the world I’d rather spend time with them myself. I love the people in my life, I just love myself more.

  50. Greatest lesson you can learn in life is that other people aren’t thinking about it you as much as you think lol. They have their own life to deal with.

  51. I used to do some shopping and see a movie every other weekend when I could. It was fun and nice just being by myself, having a drink and minding my business.

  52. I love my own company and feel bad for people who can't enjoy doing things on their own. Pre-pandemic, this old guy came up to me while I was eating by myself and told me he hated to see people eating alone. I'd seen him talk at his wife the whole time they were seated and just told him that my own company is superior to a lot of other options and I always have a good time when I done out by myself. His wife kind of grimaced at his back and mouthed an apology so I'm fairly certain I had a better dinner than night than she did.

  53. People used to think I was weird for going to the movies, a place where you shouldn't be talking to anyone, alone. I worked odd hours and would go when I could and it was just fine. I don't get people who constantly have to be with someone else.

  54. I don’t know who is flexing on eating alone. If I’m hungry I eat, and if I’m alone so be it. Gotta see these people posting the solo lunch flex, sounds like some freshly divorced shit

  55. Most of the things I do are solo, eating, movies, comedy shows, theater, traveling, apartment buying. I've never saw that as a flex, more like I'm not waiting for you

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