Need help understanding transactions

  1. Been in this game for a long time and I’ve never heard of a wallet not accepting less than $20 of bitcoin. Furthermore everything is trackable via the blockchain, use and it will confirm where your transaction has gone, more than likely to the person you sent it.

  2. Oh no at this point we know she was bullshit, I had another guy try to send it from his wallet and after like an hour of bullshit all of a sudden she blocked him and me. My only concern is this now, on another sub someone recommended me to a guy who says he can actually get my money back, I truly don’t know shit about crypto but he’s only asking for 20 upfront and he says he can get me the money back from her account and another person who fucked me, at this point I’m skeptical as fuck but 20 dollars for a chance at a few hundred back seems worth it, my only worry is that if this is gunna be one more scam, if it is crypto can go fuck itself

  3. Bitcoin is an open protocol, like the internet, and it has some very nice properties. One of these properties is: all payments are non-refundable (the receiver has to pay you back) and all transactions can be seen on a Bitcoin full node.

  4. Most people now hold Bitcoin. They have developed in their respective fields. Although the trend of Bitcoin is unstable, it has created many unexpected surprises. Wisin -wise investors will definitely carry out projects that have benefits to themselves. Not the process, the last profit was considered by them.

  5. Classic BTC scam. BTW there is no such thing as a reversed transaction in Bitcoin. You type in a valid BTC address, and you hit send, and the money leaves your wallet and gets credited to the other. You type in a wrong address, and hit send and your BTC gets sent off into the ether (Not to be confused with the shitcoin) never to be returned to your wallet unless someone makes another transaction to do so.

  6. WassaWassaWassup! Scam Alert! Scammers are particularly active on this sub. They operate via private messages and private chat. If you receive private messages, be extremely careful. Use the report link to report any suspicious private message to Reddit.

  7. Nah, after the past 72 hours my previous stance on crypto has only been solidified. Fuck all this bullshit, I’ll stay with actually tangible things like cash and stocks, at least those have an actual intrinsic value while Bitcoin and other cryptos are only valuable because of factors like scarcity. I didn’t trust it before and I don’t trust it now.

  8. Not all. Transactions can be anonymous, depending on where the transaction is made. You can't use a private wallet or on-chain privacy system and expect it to be tracked. What's untraceable on the ledger cannot be tracked, technically.

  9. When we exchange money for goods or services, we are participating in a transaction. This is something that is done between a producer and a consumer, and middlemen, or dealers, can sometimes be involved.

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