Bitcoin is a parallel society.

  1. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency not subject to government regulations. However, governments have the power to ban its usage if they have valid reasons to justify such an action and for this they have to pass the bill .

  2. Because people are selling it for cash because they need the cash as that is the only way to afford anything. Long term, the value will go up. Just like people will take in gold jewelry when times get tough. Price of gold falls in the short term, but skyrockets in the long with inflation.

  3. Because it hasn't solved that issue, isn't trying to, others don't believe it will, or no more institutions buying they sold at the peak price & are waiting to accumulate more.

  4. Indeed it is but only for those who all are fully aware of all the details with all the terms and conditions but it is still need to be understand by more people because still it has not gain a wider side of the public .

  5. Basically if we are not aware of the pros and cons of it and the effective use of bitcoin accordingly then only it could be cruel but if we have all the information then we can deal with this and also with profits .

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