BTC to the moon

  1. Interesting, didn't know that Grayscale had more bitcoin than Microstrategy, which I thought was the biggest holder ever.

  2. Define “use it” because it seems like most who invest it in are really not using it, unless you consider hodling and leveraging as uses

  3. So you're saying we will somehow find a way to send information faster than the speed of light by 2100? That seems overly optimistic.

  4. Not main, but accepted as currency for all transactions alongside USD. El Salvador uses USD like many countries who had their own fail.

  5. Sorry but do u really think that every single human being could use bitcoin. I'm sick and unemployed and regularly depend on cash money and to think people want to digitise money leaves me thinking how many people will end up not being able to use everyday items or eat because they don't have the means to use bitcoin. Can people just stop and think how many people already don't have access to the internet but you want people to only use digital currency. Sounds like you want to Starve the poor out of society to me. 🤬

  6. No, bitcoin won’t starve the poor out of society; its actually giving plp in poor countries opportunities to NOT starve!! If u want to talk about what’s staving the poor just look to the governments across the world doing that…..

  7. Well don't worry about that happening any time soon. Most aren't here because they really and truly believe in bitcoin becoming a widely accepted currency or whatever you want one day. If you take away all the moon talk and "what if" bullshit, the majority of people are just here to make money. I truly don't understand all that talk about how great of a currency bitcoin COULD be, on here and on social media in general. Stay at what is, and it's that bitcoin is a highly volatile asset with the majority of people hoping to make a profit off of it, because they've seen the price history and performance in the past. Watch their "investment into the future of currency" being down 80% and you will see most peeps panic selling and going quiet again.

  8. Have you seriously never heard of crypto cards before (like the Coinbase Card)? You can literally buy anything you want with crypto from any business that accepts Visa. I literally bought lunch and paid my mortgage with Bitcoin a couple of hours ago. You get a working debit card that allows you to buy anything you want using whatever cryptocurrency you want. As well as 1.5%-4% cashback rewards for using the card (depending on which reward you pick). Doesn't even require a credit check.

  9. 2023: Bitcoin transactions and mining gets banned by all all countries unanimously. Purchase of items using bitcoin gets banned. Selling it for profits (or losses) and then laundering money into your accounts will lead to imprisonment. What do you do?

  10. Tell you to wake up from your fever dream and start researching the nuances of the contemporary global bitcoin/crypto regulatory environment

  11. In September 2021, El Salvador enacted the Bitcoin Law and became the first country in the world to adopt a cryptocurrency as national currency. While the main currency of El Salvador continued to be the U.S. dollar — and people are free to use it — critics warned that putting national funds into such a decentralized, unstable currency could be devastating to the country, still reeling from a civil war decades ago. Now, one year later, the authoritarian government is continuing to crack down on citizens speaking out against bitcoin. They say they have seen their democracy dismantled, human rights suspended, and their economic futures threatened while their government bends over backwards to court wealthy crypto investors.

  12. Bitcoin is like laserdisc. It is revolutionary until until we make some else more convenient and better.

  13. It will reach the moon again and again and we have a believe in that way brother, BTC is just made for that and we all know why we always say things like that.

  14. The future is just too good for us and we are waiting for some more better days, we just have a good patience and we know what is good with it man lol, best of luck.

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