Why is my bank going down?

  1. I’m not sure, but it has happened to me that if I am sick/have any addiction my income (and health of course) get lower

  2. Your character is spending more money than they earn. Check your monthly outflow vs income in your finances. Could be houses, vehicles, kids, diet, school, etc.

  3. Bruh, with all your comments telling people their solutions are wrong, you should just start a new life and call it a day

  4. I'm appalled by your behavior and words. You asked for advice and then became a major dick to everyone helping. I didn't read all of your comments but I made sure to down vote all of them. You're shameful my dude.

  5. you should probably just rob houses 3xs a year, have a child, make them the sole beneficiary, go to jail, and do drugs til you overdose.. then live the child's life... worked for me.. the Marsh's have $100,000,000+ in assets now in gen 4.

  6. This is the most downvotes i ever seen someone get lol Im actually really proud, I went to each comment and helped contribute

  7. Look at your expenses. Are you paying off loans? Do you have a lot of kids? Maybe try selling a property to earn more money

  8. It’s adorable that you asked a question and are violently arguing and disagreeing with people when they answer it for you. Like it’s super cool if you’re not happy with the answer but that doesn’t mean it’s not true, lmao. Chill the fuck out.

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  10. The game has evolved and is much more complicated. On finance tab, when you open it, it will show your net worth, income, and MONTHLY outcome, plus the tax rate. What you have to do is multiply the monthly outcome by 12, and subtract it from your income AFTER taxes.

  11. hey, maybe instead of arguing with people, check your finances. it’ll say how much you’re spending per month. go to your calculator and multiply it by 12. then go to your job and see how much you’re making a year. that’s probably your problem.

  12. Ok I get that this guy is trolling but I’ve just seen that he got 7 downvotes for saying ‘ok’ to a comment - this is getting a bit out of hand now

  13. I didnt read all the comments but i know that if you have liability thats more than your salary it will go down and if not married and have kids they take portion of your money as well. Also, having alot of things including cars, planes, helicopters, boats, and housing can also make you lose money. Ive been playing bitlife almost since the day it was released on ios

  14. This guy is either trolling or just dumb and doesn’t wanna listen to anyone in the comments. Check your finances, it costs money to live with different properties or cars no matter if you paid the loan or not.

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