got the update! is it a good idea to buy it?

  1. I bought that, within whatever it was timeframe they mentioned, and it still made me buy Boss Mode for the features

  2. I bought a pack once where I was promised everything, for free, forever. Guess what? I’d still have to pay for the job pack. So don’t buy anything that says you’ll never have to buy something again - they are liars. I know some people who bought very early are still getting things for free forever, but that is no longer the case. I wouldn’t trust them to honor the promise now.

  3. Just a suggestion for the business update . Sometimes it gets difficult to get the starting amount for very huge startups . In that case choose royalty then kill your father or mother to become the king or queen . Next abdicate your royalty and boom you have an ale tankard of cash

  4. The business update? It's pretty good. It does have a significant learning curve unlike other things in this game. So if you like the challenge then yeah.

  5. i think its a good idea to buy it, but it does take a little getting used to once you buy a business (i havent tried the start up thing yet so i cant comment on that)

  6. I’ll keep it honest, god mode was worth the purchase cause it came with no ads and all career paths, I don’t know how it works currently but the 1.99 was worth it for me. However after playing the update for about an hour or 2 I’m already bored of it probably cause it’s a mobile game

  7. Get the boss mode asap because they will just keep making it more expensive the more jobs they add to it. It was only 5 usd when i bought it. Now its 10 usd. The updates also dont feel like they add much to the game all this update did was make being ceo more indepth and the update feel like it should not have taken anywhere close to as long as it did to release. It added nothing for people who dont pay unless you count the mail order bride option a new feature. So if you play bitlife alot like me then yeah i would get the boss mode.

  8. To be honest, I would wait until November for any type of purchase. I distinctly remember them doing “Black Friday” sales on their packs before I purchased the god mode or bitizen whatever pack for $0.99 USD

  9. Its supposed that boss mode will make you have free the next content they make, so considering the price in my country if I decide to buy all of the job packs without boss mode Ill be paying maybe $700 or more and thats a lot. And I think that if you bought bitizen in like 2019 or something you get the content for free, and I bought bitizen + god mode in october 2021

  10. That’s how much it costs now??? Whoa lol when I bought it a couple years back it was a few dollars. They’re out of their minds 😂🥴

  11. I didn’t even realise people had to pay for these updates! I bought Bitzenship a few years back for all free future releases.

  12. This is a photo shop right? If so the joke is funny. Otherwise may I ask what country your from that has such devalued dollars?

  13. Reading this comment section gave me a good laugh. I haven't tried it, yet, but it's funny realizing that some people forget or don't know that there are other forms of currency in the world.

  14. ¿De verdad antes costaba menos? Ouu nunca me fijé aaah que suerte tienes al haberlo comprado antes, debería hacerlo antes de que lo suban a yo qué sé $310

  15. I remember buying the premium mode or whatever almost two years ago for like .99? Made even 9.99? But it said all future updates were free lol

  16. I don't know if it was real, I guess it was but if you bought bitizen months or maybe almost a year before all of this job packs you still need to pay

  17. idk why but when i updated it this morning i already had the pack without having to buy it. i only ever bought bitizenship and god mode and i never had to pay for anything else in game

  18. No not really in my opinion, it’s really confusing, and only like 10% of success and not going bankrupt if you start your own business, and also their are missing a lot of features, and also it’s just boring for me

  19. When did they start charging for packs? I’ve gotten all of them for free to my knowledge did I buy something a while ago that gave me access to these?

  20. Android? buy both and ask for a refund on Play Store. You will still have acess for the content, but will get your money back.

  21. I honestly think the business update is worth every penny. It's fun, and business inheritances are confirmed to be coming. You can start your own or buy an already existing business, buying an already existing business is much more expensive though.

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