My mother is 10 years old😭😭😩 how?

  1. No father 😭 only family is shown as her. At least she didn’t drop out of elementary school I guess 😭

  2. She’s sure acting like a mom😆. Wouldn’t the game keep her a sibling but show us as being at the orphanage?

  3. I think this is a bug cos I’m pretty sure it’s hard coded in that the lowest age of a non-player parent is 16.

  4. It's unfortunately not completely unheard of to have a child at age 10. The youngest girl to give birth to a living, healthy baby was 5 and I have read stories from hospital workers who had to coach barely-pubescent girls through childbirth. It happens more than you'd think.

  5. That’s wild. I thought youngest was pregnant at 14 in this game. Maybe they have updated the game to reflect roe v wade 😬

  6. My character started dating a boy at 10. Then she surprisingly got pregnant at 13, even though there weren't any options to make love hahaha it happens randomly. We chose to keep the baby, and married at 18. Now we have 6 children 😅

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