Whats your favourite song

  1. I love that song When I was listening to it I was like "oh I actually feel that" and it made me question if I was bisexual and I am

  2. I usually have two. One i can emotianally bond to, at least some, that doesn't change: Mister Glasman by Scotty Sire. And one that changes regulary because I think it's a banger. Rn it's Let's Ride ny Khantrast

  3. Notion by The Rare Occasions, Heat Waves by Glass Animals, Talk to Me by Cavetown, Meteor Shower by Cavetown, and some songs by Tenacious D and Johnny Cash

  4. Mine are, in this order: Hey, Kid - Phoneboy, cold weather - glass beach, Pleaser - Wallows.

  5. YES! Everyone who's reading this should listen to glass beach, my favourites from them are orchids and yoshi's island

  6. Its never over (Hey Orpheus) by Arcade Fire, and Beachboy by McCafferty! Also How Long from Hadestown, but that one a little less then the others.

  7. 505 - artic monkeys do me a favor - artic monkeys YEAH RIGHT - joji WANTED U - joji weird fishes - radiohead run - joji

  8. "gorilla grip" from sinoda "mamamia" from måneskin "You showed me" from the turtles and lastly "Grunk" from xanakin Skywok and a bunch of ohter people.

  9. Probably a tie between King Buffalo’s “Longing to be the Mountain” and Miracle Musical’s “Dreams Sweet in Sea Major”

  10. Depending on the mood something classical(Mozart, Strauß, Haydn), trees(Omori OST), shantys and marches

  11. Statistics say forgotten land by merzbow, i say Ugly by Teddy Hyde and a mixture of both says the drum by car seat headrest (the original)

  12. This is a tough one. Probably a tie between “New Chautauqua” by Pat Metheny, “Can’t Be Sure” by The Sundays, and “Glosóli” by Sigur Ròs.

  13. Dreamland by Fox Stevenson is a classic in DnB for a reason, a pretty recent one is Ignite by Prismo, but I have 2 other nominees: No plan B by Manafest and Отиускай by Три Дня Дождя

  14. It changes constantly but right now its Brutus by The Buttress. And literally any Melanie Martinez, Penelope Scott, or Cavetown song.

  15. 4 your eyez only by j.cole, a beautiful 8 miniute lomns storytelling rap song thats a message to his son and the daughter of his dead childhood friend about how to learn from the dead friends mistakes in life

  16. So many atm but if i had to choose a few probably “i’m a natural blue”-waterparks, “mold” and “loser”-sunday cruise and probably any song from late night drive home. There are many more, but these are probably the tops songs for me rn.

  17. almost any song off of Mac miller’s Faces basically and like all of Frank ocean and like 70% of Tyler the creators music and FMTY by quadeca

  18. I have a lot but my top ones are : • Love me back by Trinidad Cardona • Woo by Rihanna • After Dark by Mr.Kitty (def recommend? • Middle of The Night by Elley Duhé • Any Melanie Martinez songs • And FINALLY Softcore and Sweater weather by The Neighborhood I know my list is SUPER LONG 😑😑

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