Who's your favorite band/artist?

  1. suggestions for you; Wu-Tang Clan (also i would check out Liquid Swords and return to the 36 chambers, those two projects are solo projects by two of the members), MF DOOM, KRS-One, Public Enemy

  2. Frank Ocean, Tyler, The Creator, Mac Miller, Childish Gambino, Rex Orange County, Phoebe Bridgers, Bo Burnham, Quadeca, Cochise, Kanye(sometimes) & playboi carti just because he’s so ridiculous.

  3. Mastodon or Gojira. They're both big innovators in a music genre which is slowly dying because of repetitiveness, and ngl, they're chonky as hell

  4. System of a down, slipknot, Fall Out Boy, Lorna Shore, Crystal Lake, BMTH (anything sempiternal and earlier though..their newer stuff is kinda meh)

  5. Hawkwind, Edelweiss, Johnny Cash, Motörhead, Dead Kennedys, Sabaton, Joy Division, The Sinking Ships, Marty Robbins, Sex Pistols, Thin Lizzy, Jimi Hendrix and many more

  6. Lemon Demon, Will Wood and the Tapeworms, and Stoplight Observations. Aka, a bunch of Indie 80's-90's techno influenced bands.

  7. I like a lot of different stuff, but my favourite band right now is probably King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard.

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