Exclusive Big Brother season 23 comic book covers are here!

  1. I'm sorry but Claires is by far the worst. They just used her pic instead of an original drawing which makes her head look so out of place 😭

  2. Yeah I was hoping for like Queen Claire because she was the captain of the queens. Or something related to her costume. The duchess of the deck would have been way better. Edit: spelling

  3. It's weird that they made her something short when her height is one of the most distinct things about her. Clairefoot would've been better.

  4. It is so bad. Like most of these would be fun to have after the fact but hers is lazy and unflattering… also what are they referring to? Like make fun of her height? I feel like that’s an easy target

  5. Her's is done by one of their best artists IMO, Mike Borkowski. But if you listened to his appearance on Nicole A's podcast, you'll learn they are given pretty detailed instructions on what to draw by TPTB.

  6. Yeah, a real minimal effort given. Also, they did nothing for the background either. Just some dudes legs and a wall. That's it.

  7. X already looks the most like a real life super hero so I don’t know what the hell they were thinking with that cover

  8. yeah there is something strange for me about kyland's face as well. some of the features dont look like they're his. and the skin tone..? kyland has like dark golden skin color, wouldnt have been hard to give him that for his comic.

  9. Most of these feel weak and like they have nothing to do with the actual people, which kind of just shows how poorly the editing has been to make the houseguests feel like characters. Frenchie had one of the most memorable HOH reigns and massively flamed out and the best they could do was a French fry pun? Brent, Britini, Tiffany and Big D are good because they seem related to things the people actually did or said in the house and are known for among fans or houseguests but the rest are just puns about names that could be given to anyone with that name and also Travis is a cow for some reason.

  10. I guess people are into it this year, but I'm always disappointed when they just use the name of a punishment costume as the superhero concept. Like, whoever got the Dirk Spacejammer thing last year would have had that as their comic--it didn't really have anything to do with Ian. The Lord of the Latrine feels pretty lazy in the same way here, imo, and I'm glad they went in a different direction with Claire and Kyland, even if Ky's sort of references it in a roundabout way, at least that's more clever.

  11. I feel like they did X and Tiff kinda dirty.... the others look really great, but the faces of X and Tiff... just look so so bad, IMO.

  12. You missed the Chadda part. Hot clam Chadda, which is referencing Clam Chowder, a soup dish common in the US (specifically New England).

  13. American from Ohio here and that is absolutely what I thought too, the artist knew exactly what they were doing lmao

  14. Somehow, they managed to make the Zings look like they took effort. Many of these are just puns on the player’s name; they require absolutely no knowledge of the player or how they’ve played the game.

  15. The new Diversity push is so awful for artists who never bothered to learn how to draw PoC features lmao. This is better than the BBCan8 Superhero images where the only similarity for some was just the skin color, but it's clear where the comfort zone is.

  16. All the girls look so nice except Claire and Brit. RIP. SB and Azah's are my faves. Whit and Hannah's are cute too

  17. X and Tiff’s covers seem really problematic…like caricatures where their mouths and heads are super exaggerated. Everyone else looks normal for the most part.

  18. These aren’t as creative as the ones from prior years. Why is Kyland’s so positive? They had so much material to work with and that’s it…

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