OOP walks in on her boyfriend cheating on her with his long time friend

  1. I cannot imagine the thought process that tells a man to bring his affair partner along as he begs for his girlfriend to stay with him.

  2. Could you imagine being the affair partner in that situation tho? The man you’re cheating with is begging and crying for his original girlfriend to take him back, telling her that you meant nothing to him, etc. Elly clearly has no self respect if she’s willing to go along with that, but then again, she clearly has no morals either since she’s an affair partner

  3. "Baby look see even she knows I'm not gonna fuck her again so if she knows it and I knows it then we're good right? See ya at home?"

  4. My two year long relationship with my exbf ended when he and his AP took me on a walk to tell me that he had cheated on me. 🤷 They were soooo sorry. The AP "fainted" and I had to be the responsible one and tell my ex to pick AP up off the road. It was a cluster then and after. They were scum wanting to play victims. They can't think about how things will actually look when they lack empathy. Some ppl are just like that. Edit: Grammer fix.

  5. The same process that thinks he can talk his affair partner into having an abortion so his primary gf stays with him. He needs to donate his brain to science.

  6. Sometimes I read things like this and wonder what is the cheaters thought process? Like what makes you think any of that is even remotely a good idea? Especially bringing the girl you cheated with, and then on top of that, saying that she's pregnant???

  7. Cheaters absolutely think about their partners for at least a second and then say fuck it, they won't find out. When they do, deny, lie and lie some more.

  8. What really, really gets me (and it’s happened to me before) is the AUDACITY cheaters have to throw your love back in your face when you are breaking up with them for CHEATING ON YOU.

  9. Imagine how little self respect you have, to allow to be flown to your affair’s gf’s parents house, while said AP begs her to take him back and swears you were nothing to him. I can’t imagine. Like I know you need little self respect to agree to be the side piece but this is on a whole other hell deep level.

  10. Dude is wealthy enough to fly her out. She's probably thinking with her bank account, and how she's set for life if she plays it right. Which is better than this dickhole deserves.

  11. Well, now she has a witness to her pregnancy announcement, so the guy can’t say he didn’t know at a later point.

  12. It seems as if their friend group knows about the affair, so she is probably getting a lot of flak for it. If OOP takes him back Elly can deflect some of that. She is not a homewrecker. "See it wasn't that big of deal OOP and K are still together."

  13. Cheater and a liar. Elly and he will continue meeting up. He was willing to do everything BUT stop interacting with his affair partner.

  14. It's so unlikely that she got pregnant just from having sex once - and the girlfriend interrupted them, did she not? Much more likely they were sleeping together since before.

  15. My take is that Elly is in love with K, but K thinks he can do better and strings her along. She's "accidentally" got pregnant hoping that it would force his hand but he's literally taking her to beg OOP's forgiveness. I feel a bit bad for Elly but this seems very self-inflicted.

  16. It was only a one time thing but a month later she already knows she's pregnant and that he might be the father? It's not impossible but it certainly suggests that it was more like a once a week until they got caught thing.

  17. "It just happened", bro there are so so many steps in between 'came by to chill' and balls deep. Also "this is the only time!" ... except for those other times...

  18. Hey now, have you never got so distracted ordering flowers and Chinese for your beloved at work that once you realized someone was riding you? Could happen to anyone really....

  19. I really wish I could remember the book, but I once picked up a novel in a book exchange and happened to open up on this exchange:

  20. Yup. That’s why cheating is never an accident. Unless being SA, there are so many steps, so many wrong decisions that leads there.

  21. As I like to express, an art academy in Austria rejects an applicant, one thing leads to another, and the US drops a city-levelling bomb on the sovereign nation of Japan.

  22. To quote Sheldon Cooper "so the implication is that you just tripped and fell into her lady parts". Or in this case, she just tripped and fell on top of him while he had an erection.

  23. Every time I caught my children doing something wrong, even as teens - amazingly it was without fail the first time they’d ever.... Yeah.

  24. We were both hanging around naked for...reasons...and she wanted to take a nap so she was in our bed naked and spread-eagled. I wanted to make sure she was warm enough so I went to tiptoe in and put a blanket over her, when I tripped and my penis landed right in her vagina! It was the craziest thing! And of course you happened to come home right when I was squirming trying to get my penis out of her vagina and she was moaning because she was so surprised and startled to wake up with my penis in her vagina... I mean, I can see that it looked bad, but it was totally innocent!

  25. So basically all the gifts and cutesy messages were all really K trying to alleviate his probable guilt over cheating on OOP. If I was OOP, I'd definitely be getting tested. Who knows how long this has been going on and with who else. He could've been cheating these entire 4 years. And trying to convince your AP to get an abortion to possibly satisfy your ex? What a POS. I hate Elly, but I hope she leaves him too, he clearly doesn't give a shit about her. He deserves solitude until he becomes a geniunely better person. Elly too.

  26. My take was that the Chinese for lunch was to try and keep her at work for as long as possible while the other two went at it. Ie a premeditated distraction.

  27. Elly def wanted to add salt to the wound there…. Bf dumb. Happy OOP is home safe. Sad but hopeful oop will bounce back. Better than a lot of other endings. And that for suuuuuure wasn’t the first time.

  28. I read the title, and then read he was doing that, and thought the same thing. This poor girl has been getting gifts because of his rampant cheating. What an asshole.

  29. Yeah, I love “Let me explain!” What did he say? “Honey, when a mommy panda and a daddy panda love each other very much,…”

  30. I'm most decidedly not rich, but I have an indoor security camera in my living room (pointed towards my front door, but catches most of the living space). They come in a lot of the packages offered by the more self-assembly type security systems. It's getting pretty common in certain areas of the US at least.

  31. WTF is it with people and the "this isn't me" excuse? Well if I say that it absolves me of all responsibility for my actions and reverses the consequences of those actions. Bloody morons. Yes, it is you.

  32. “I had tried to keep her from what she was about to see. Why should she believe me when I told her it wasn't me?”

  33. “Saying he would talk her into getting an abortion” Even if you ignore the cheating and all other shittiness, saying this alone would be cause for breakup. Fucking gross

  34. Exactly what I was thinking. My ex used to text me out of the blue and go off about how much he loves me. At first I thought it was lovely of him to randomly think of me like that but I later found out that he was cheating on me at the times of those "cute" text messages.

  35. "Elly also decided this was the best time to admit that she was pregnant and that K might be the father." makes me very much doubt "He said this really was the first time" is true.

  36. Not to get gross, but if OOP walked in on them in the middle of the act then that means her ex probably didn't finish... And if it was their first time then how is that chick pregnant??

  37. I mean, pre-ejaculate fluid can contain sperm, that is a known fact, and also why just pulling out is unreliable. (Use protection, people.) But yeah, the ex was definitely cheating long before that.

  38. 0% chance that was the only time. They only got caught because OOP came home from work early, this was likely happening regularly. Especially with her getting pregnant, and the two being friends for 10+ years. You dont just suddenly have an accidental one time fling with your longtime friend and get caught in the act

  39. “You said you’ve never felt this way for anyone” to a 20 year old he’s been with since she was 16. Too funny. OOP - good riddance, you have your whole life ahead of you to find a decent partner. For now, learn about yourself and enjoy being 20. There’s no rush to settle.

  40. If OOP had never walked in on them they probably would have continued screwing each. I never understand how cheaters think that they can justify their cheating. I know that some people forgive and move on but how do you move on when there's a baby involved. OOP's ex is so screwed up in so many ways. I hope OOP can find happiness someday with a good partner who will treat them well.

  41. The odds of getting pregnant from a one time fling are so low that I'm willing to put money on the fact they've been together for a while.

  42. K is probably a Kevin. It’s always a Kevin. Also bringing your AP to talk you up is probably the opposite of a power move.

  43. Oh, thanks. I was scratching my head for the longest time trying to figure out what name K could be (if English-speaking) and I couldn't come up with a single name... even though I have a friend named Keith. I am not a smart man.

  44. As always, the cheater is willing to throw his side piece away without any care for her feelings either. Because a cheater like K only really cares about himself and his own feelings. I am so glad she went home and her family has her back.

  45. That’s an interesting way to win someone back, “here’s the girl I cheated on you with, she wants to apologize too. She might be pregnant, but I really only love you”

  46. As the dad of a daughter I can't imagine what would happen to a boy who refused to leave my property and got into a fist fight with my son after cheating on my daughter and then showing up at my house twice.

  47. K is a piece of crap. So is Elly. I suspect Elly is actually pregnant by another man. She figured she could seduce K and it wouldn't be difficult because he is a piece of crap. Then tell K he is the father and he would believe it because he is also stupid on top of being a piece of crap. Now Elly has a rich baby daddy and surely he will be upstanding and smart for her. /s

  48. What the hell is with these mutual friends who can't give the wronged party respect? She told her friends about K and Elly, I'm sure this one heard about that detail especially since they knew where she was headed. Like if she's not telling K, why the fuck are you?

  49. Obviously. Everyone knows that is a straight man and a straight woman spend a certain amount of time alone together they have no choice but to have sex. That's why Mike Pence has to discriminate against his female staff members, after all. Too many one-on-one meetings and they must have sex!

  50. It means “I’m a stupid and weak man who is incapable of deviating from a path once it is laid out in front of me.”

  51. OOP is strong and admirable. The ex is disgusting but garden variety, nothing I haven't seen before among the cheater community.

  52. Can we talk about the security cameras? I mean, she saw him on security cameras throwing a tantrum after the break. But she could not see the AP beforehand? He cheated on her in the apartment knowing, there were security cameras?

  53. I scrolled down looking for someone to make this point. I got really hung up on the detail that he was bringing his side piece back to their house knowing there were security cameras OOP had access to. Why not go somewhere else? It does make the story harder to believe for me.

  54. Not saying this couldn't be a plot hole but tbf, how often do people, who have security cameras, actually check them unprovoked?

  55. Am I missing something? How does Elly get a positive pregnancy test after only a week? Or even only 2 weeks? Most women don’t know until 4-6 weeks.

  56. She’s pregnant because the affair has been going on for a long time. Every time K sent OOP flowers, it was to alleviate his guilt for meeting up with Elly or one of his other affair partners. He’s always been a cheater.

  57. Because it was clearly going on longer than that. I wouldn’t be surprised if he knew she was pregnant before OOP found out about the affair.

  58. Pregnancy test can pick up a pregnancy before missed period. However, most women aren't testing for pregnancy that early unless they're actively trying to get pregnant.

  59. Also ex-bf “it only happened once” and also 2 weeks later “surprise! She’s pregnant”. That’s not enough time for most people to even realize so either he’s an idiot and it’s not his. Or more likely- this isn’t new and has happened for awhile

  60. So they had a security camera this whole time and it never helped her catch him cheating, nor did it help him notice her moving out?

  61. It sounds like this guy's ego is so grounded in not being perceived 'as the bad guy' he will selfishly try to manipulate and trample over anyone to maintain his own illusionary vision of himself.

  62. On a completely unrelated to our OOP, anyone else grin when OOP’s little brother came out and punched the dude? Mad props to her entire family because it sounds like they have her back 100%.

  63. Maybe this is cynical, but to me there is a red flag in the constant gifts, flowers, etc. Every 2 weeks with something like that? I dunno...it seems disingenuous. How many good, long term, stable relationships include that kind of behavior? In my experience that stuff levels off and is replaced by more of a day to day respect and partnership. To me it feels like trying to make up for something, actions to ease a guilty conscious, or how a guy acts when he isn't actually contributing much to the relationship beyond gifts. If you ask people who are in a very good relationship to articulate what makes it good, I don't think the answer is very likely to be flowers.

  64. A lot of cheaters do love you. You just really don’t want them to. Them still loving you seems even more hurtful because they believe that’s how they should treat you. That’s how they think you deserve to be treated.

  65. Imagine the grapefruit sized balls to not only manipulate OP about her initial feelings and love for him to get her back, but by also promising a forced abortion on Elly just to appease his guilt in an attempt to get OP back. What a piece of shit. I'm sure Elly has her own set of issues to address, stabbing her friend in the back the way she did, but K is the real villain in my eyes as a manipulative narcissistic assmunch.

  66. The chicanery and guts on K's part. He makes my blood boil. I hope oop can get them to stay away. She should also cut out that mutual from her life who suggested this "grand gesture" of apologizing in person to K.

  67. I dont get it when they say "it just happened." Did they trip and their naked private parts accidentally interlock? There are no accidents, they had the opportunity to shut it down and instead let it happen. Cheaters gonna cheat.

  68. One time huh? How did she get pregnant?? Did they finish while OOP was looking at them? Or the one time was a lie for OOP. Why cheat then say the AP means nothing??

  69. Was she really preggers though? Or trying to assert her dominance after hearing she meant nothing at all to him. After all, what a moment to drop the bomb…very suspicious.

  70. Who else thinks Elly planned this? Why else tag along but then ruin it with a surprise pregnancy announcement? (And surely it was too early to tell)

  71. A couple of years down the track, OOP will be looking back feeling extremely thankful that she walked in on them that day and didn’t end up married or pregnant to him. I’m glad she got out when she did, those two deserve each other

  72. not sure I understand why he is making such a big fuss about you dumping him. He clearly lost feelings and found someone else. How can he possbily think its OK after what he did. He did nothing but lie and cheat on you. Walk away and be thankful you dodged this one.

  73. If the op spent 3 hours moving things in the house hasn’t the boyfriend got the link to the cameras as well, and would’ve seen both of them going back and forth with all the belongings? …… and what about the girl in her bed with the cameras around the house? Notifications or just logging in to see the house ?

  74. Hope those two have a miserable life together. OP keep up the good work, you will find someone better who will love you

  75. "Babe, I know I was cheating on you with her before she was my baby mama but now that were sharing a kid I promise you I'll never touch her again. I'll definitely not get my tip wet dipped inside her sugar walls every time I go to pick up or drop the kid off.

  76. Big old liar. That hookup was supposedly a one time thing, but she fesses up she's pregnant within 3 weeks? No way, this has been going on for a while, they just got caught.

  77. Imagine your sh*thead cheater bf not only cheating on you multiple times, but coming back to your house together with the AP where she tells you she's pregnant and asking you it wouldn't happen again and to get back together. What. The. Eff.

  78. Im a pos so I would have lied and agreed to reconcile if the ap had an abortion, made him call the ap to tell her to abort, just to see how long he would play along 💅 still not take him back

  79. "you told me you've never felt this way about anyone before" well of course she has had no other relationships to base that on. She was 16 when they started dating and we all know those first loves are potent doesn't mean we will let them walk all over us.

  80. OOP should probably consider a RO in the future if she plans to move back. Even when she made it very clear she wants nothing to do with him again, he keeps coming back. So apparently he’s still a dumbass for stepping all over her boundaries. Hope he doesn’t escalate his bs in the future.

  81. Let me guess: they were eating something really messy, and it got all over their clothes. Because it's laundry day, they didn't have anything clean to wear, so they just sat there naked, waiting for their clothes to get out of the dryer. While they were waiting, K tripped and fell onto Elly, and his penis just naturally slid right into home plate.

  82. "Elly also decided this was the best time to admit that she was pregnant and that K might be the father."

  83. I love it when idiots say "Let me explain!" Explain what? Let me guess, you tripped and your dick fell into her? Like there is no explanation. A cheater is a selfish liar. That's it.

  84. His reaction to her leaving being anything more violent than hitting a pillow as he sobbed into it tells me everything I need to know about him. Good on her for leaving.

  85. Can I just say that K and Elly have to be some of the dumbest people on the planet. You get caught cheating, and when you go to your ex gf’s parent’s house to beg her to come back to you, you think it’s a good idea that you brought the “other” woman?! And to add insult to injury . . . Btw, she’s pregnant, but we can make it werk babe.

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