OOP Discovers a Hidden Staircase

  1. I looked at the original post and, man, OOP's ego was really tied up in the idea they owned a house that was once owned by people so rich they had live-in servants or slaves. Arguing and getting pissy at anyone who tried to tell them it wasn't a staircase and the third floor didn't have to be for live-in servants.

  2. If I found a hidden space in a pre-Civil War home, my first thought would be that it was a part of the Underground Railroad, not that the house had servants. But I'd be much happier to know my home was a place of freedom, not servitude.

  3. I live in Baltimore. Slave owning/servant having was not anywhere close to universal. A well to do family might have 1-2 servants and no “service stairs.”

  4. As a person who actually did grow up in a house with "service stairs", yeah, this was not a service staircase. Just a random ceiling over a set of stairs. A service stair would go top to bottom floors even where a main did not. So the fact that the main apparently goes all the way up....

  5. not gonna lie, my grandma lived in a huge old estate that was hundreds of years old and did have a separate staircase going straight down to the kitchen from the second floor quarters (big room for communal sleeping with old basins for washing in the corner). The stair case was really unnaturally steep, if you imagine big really tall steps on that staircase it definitely seems like itd be a match.

  6. My childhood home is 40 years younger than this dudes house according to him, but I’m willing to bet it’s actually older than his. We only have two floors, and only one staircase going to the second floor. There is no attic, it’s a crawlspace and has always been one.

  7. Yeah, I’m local to Baltimore. Our history starts long before the building of his house. We were already a large, bustling city with a major port and constant influx of immigrants. The city was already gridded out. In fact, a house built in 1856 is not that old of a house around here.

  8. My guess is that “development” has a specific meaning that’s not clear. Like, was it the first housing development built by a developer in Baltimore? Was it the first development around John’s Hopkins? Was it the first development of a certain block or square?

  9. My original grade school had a brick from the Church it used to be stamped at 1837! It's in my city museum now, and I'm from Canada. What a maroon this guy is

  10. OOP is more invested in the space being "slave stairs" than I am with most things. Super weird thing to flex (and he's told he's wrong over and over).

  11. I work in home construction and it's incredibly tempting to do this sort of forensics work to figure out why odd things are in place. It usually works best if you have an open mind about it, whereas OOP is really trying to make the evidence fit his theory.

  12. When I saw the first image I immediately knew that it was probably the top half of their celler stairs. The angle, design, and where it is only screams of top of stairwell in my brain. There's absolutely no indication that there was ever stairs installed there.

  13. There are a lot of old houses in the area I grew up in with idiotically steep staircases that we call "goat steps" because only mountain goats could go up and down them comfortably and confidently. The risers are like, 6 inches deep or something too, I loathe those things.

  14. We lived in a house built in 1887 for a few years, and it had for-sure closed in and hidden stairs. They were really steep. Definitely wouldn’t be up to code today.

  15. Because they believed servants were lesser and shouldn't take up as much space. I love visiting historic houses and I've seen some incredibly steep servants stairs. If he really has servant stairs from rhe cellar to the first and from the first to the second but none from the second to the third then I agree with him that they were probably servant stairs.

  16. This reminds me of that BORU where someone's dog discovered a secret basement and they ripped out the wall to explore it Nancy Drew style. The photos they posted were creepy as shit and all they discovered was the house was about to fall down, so the dog saved her life.

  17. Is there some kind of subreddit for historical mysteries/house stuff/creepy homes that has stuff like this? I love this kind of thing

  18. More than anything, I actually just want to see what the rest of the house looks like since it’s so old. Enough of these stairs photos, house tour vlog!

  19. What I don't understand is why OOP has seemingly not investigated this from the next floor up where the stairs supposedly go. Show us the picture from the room above where these stairs would have gone too

  20. Wow I didn't know F1 teams were invested in BORU. Also the OOP did post some pictures of their upstairs bathroom, which is supposedly where the stairs would lead.

  21. I lived in an old house in college, it had an old walled up staircase that went from the first floor to the second floor. It was a servant or back staircase. The house had been broken up into student apartments.

  22. What’s killing me is OOP just trying to make it make sense that they would have taken out the stair slats. If they were walling it up why would they remove the stairs? To make the closed off, unused space more roomy? Because they liked to spend money? It makes no sense!

  23. Fascinating stuff. If OOP left out the shit about servants I'd be more inclined to figure out what I'm actually looking at. They are so sure of themselves and I don't know why they bothered sharing in the first place. Maybe so they could write about servents.

  24. It’s funny. I was visualizing Oop as a woman who wants to give tours of her home and tell anyone it’s haunted because of fictional stories she tells about servants, death, and skeletons in staircases.

  25. This post is annoying. You share redundant comments from the OOP and none of the relevant replies! Especially the last comment. WHAT MAKES SENSE?!

  26. Okay. The OOP’s story may not be accurate. He also seems pretty pompous with his language. But tiny hidden staircases in the back were actually a thing. I live in one.

  27. Man, I remember this. The dude was absolutely convinced and posted like a million pictures and none of them proved they were stairs. He’s still convinced? JFC. They’re not stairs.

  28. Pretty sure I have a staircase in a closet. To the attic. Don't feel like tearing out the wall of the closet to check.

  29. That looks like someone walled up part of the original roof when they put on an addition. It’s way too steep for stairs. The third floor stuff might be original but that’s a roof, not stairs.

  30. It's in a city full of row houses....I wonder if OOP ever thought to ask the neighbors what's in THEIR house at that spot. Or the local historical society if they have developer's plans.

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