Spearfishing & snorkel trip prices

  1. if the two friends had you at the marine reserve you broke the law. Illegal is usually cheaper. you dont need a guide if you are snorkeling in non marine reserve areas just go out there with a kayak and use the tie offs.

  2. you are a very dumb person whose constant snarky, unhelpful, and rude comments on everyone's posts in the belize sub makes me wonder what a miserable clown you must be in real life to be around. I NEVER said ANYTHING about going to spearfish in the hol chan marine reserve, you just made that up to satisfy your need to troll and act like a complete idiot. please do everyone a favor and find some other hobby than replying with your typical stupid snark to people's earnest questions.

  3. Those areas are protected. Even if you spear it is only ok in certain areas. Perhaps they are taking you to great snorkel and dive spots but it illegal there. Also spearfishing with tanks is illegal. . Please use a real guide so as to not poach. They are patrolling the areas so it is likely you will be in violation and thats why its $150... and imagine the fine cost! Go or contact to Amigos Del Mar dock - they will help you as well. There are many reputable places on the island. $300 is cheap as well due to rising fuel costs on the island and influx of tourism.

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