Which should I get?

  1. Whichever you choose, keep your small bandsaw setup with a narrow, high tpi blade for cutting curves. Changing and dialing in bandsaw blades is tedious work. Keeping the big one setup for resawing and the little one for curve cuts allows you to avoid constantly changing blades.

  2. My father in law has the rikon set for curves and a huge Jet setup for resale. Not sure if it’s the same model as in the picture but the whole unit is damn near 7’ tall!

  3. Can’t speak to any except the Laguna. My old boss bought a Laguna - mostly so we could do our own resawn lumber, instead of getting gouged by mills / lumber yards. The resaw capabilities of the Laguna are remarkable. We were mostly doing cedar and redwood. But WAY better than what we were previously paying to have done.

  4. See I'm in need of cutting alot of wood that's too big for my table top bandsaw (i posted a couple pictures in an earlier post) so now I'm torn between this or the table saw haha

  5. I have a Laguna tablesaw (F2 Fusion) and the value-to-quality ratio on it is excellent, plus Laguna customer support is super nice and helpful. They upgraded the fence design after I had bought mine and when I asked them about it they sent me a new one for free.

  6. I posted earlier a couple of pictures of the wood I need to cut and I'm torn between this and a table saw. I feel like the bandsaw would get more use as I have a 10 or 12 inch table saw and if I get a new blade it could be fine. I've watched videos of each saw and what they do is what I'd want to do.

  7. After a long talk with the wife and talking to my brother I decided yeah, let's upgrade the bandsaw. These are currently the ones at rockler and on sale...any suggestions? I'd ideally want to put it on wheels, I have a spot in the back of the garage for my future very expensive tools to go and be away from the weather.

  8. I had the rikon 10-326 bandsaw and thought it was an excellent saw. I ended up selling it because it was too small for doing what I needed and my shop is too small for tools that aren't constantly used. But when I am back in the market for a larger bandsaw, I will definitely look at the rikons first.

  9. I also have a Rikon. I can’t remember the model number, but it’s similar to the one in the add, but it’s the “deluxe” one. Cabinet base with wheels, cast iron internals instead of aluminum, I think some other things too. Anyway, I love it. Highly recommend.

  10. I don’t know much about bandsaws, but a few people have suggested the laguna, plus it already has castor wheels included . For the sake of saving yourself a step

  11. I've got an old Rikon, from back when they were green, and it's fantastic. 12" of resaw capacity, though I'm only on 120v power, so I can't even get close to full capacity without tripping the breaker. I've got a neighbor who has the Laguna, and it's every bit as good, maybe a little better. His is at least a decade newer than mine, so it should be. Can't go wrong with either, IMO.

  12. I recently bought the Laguna 1412 and I love it! Bought the resaw king blade too and have been resawing cherry, maple, walnut and Purple heart.

  13. I have the rikon and highly recommend. Easy no tools required for blade changes and good power. With a thin blade can almost do scroll saw work and with a bigger blade can resaw 10” of maple

  14. I don't own a bandsaw of any kind d so I'm in total noob status. What makes the powermatic worth it over the others at such a huge price difference?

  15. I have the Rikon one, actually it maybe the deluxe version of that one and it is amazing. With a good blade I am cutting anything I want to. Just do not buy the mobile base it is horrible.

  16. Regardless of which one you buy I would keep in mind a good blade can go a lot farther for your money. If you have a need for re-sawing boards or think you will, the wood slicer blade from highland woodworking does wonders

  17. I have the rikon. good finish. easy adjustments. not unreasonable price. only gripe is finding blades. my source is lee valley.

  18. Our shop got the powermatic. The tension throw arm is a game changer at work, and the upgraded guides made resawing a snap, full capacity at a straight 1/8” for a full 8 feet.

  19. I’d look for used. As a newbie, you don’t need the top of the line. If you buy used, you can usually sell it later to upgrade, pretty much getting back everything you’d originally spent.

  20. I have had the Jet 14SFX for 2 years and have been very happy with it. Can't speak for the others as I have not owned them. Jet is made by Powermatic and has 5 year warranty.

  21. I have the rikon and love it. It resaws like a dream and is relatively easy to dial in a new blade. That's also a great price I think I paid 1400 a year ago.

  22. I have the Italian Laguna. It is an excellent saw as long as you get good blades. I get mine custom welded from Lenox (Woodmaster) . Do NOT buy Laguna blades, they suck.

  23. I have that Laguna. It’s my second, after a smaller Jet. I love the Laguna so much. It’s awesome, safe, strong, and easy to change blades. Good luck!

  24. My dumb ass didn't look at what subreddit tis is first so i thought it was a hunting group and that you were going to have it for meat handling

  25. I own the Rikon 324tg currently, and owned a 326 previously. Both are great, have no issues basically doing whatever I need to. I have worked in professional shops with all of whats shown there and then some. The Rikon is more than capable of keeping up. I like the laguna as well, but don't think it's $400 better. Especially no more use than you are going to show it. Get good blades, and take care of them. I use the highland woodworking Wood Slicer for resawing, it's great.

  26. I have a Laguna 18" bandsaw and love it. If you have 220v power available, I would consider going up to an 18" 220v machine. Price is still less than the powermatic in 14".

  27. I have the Jet. It was my first bandsaw. I absolutely love it. I put it on wheels as well. I also got the light.

  28. I had the same decision a year ago and went with a Harvey Ambassador when it was on sale.It’s a fantastic bandsaw and I believe it’s similar to the Laguna 14bx, which is a nice step up from these without going significantly higher in price. ($300-$400 more not thousands)

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