Mud room lookers, this was a fun project I got to do for my brothers house.

  1. Thanks. Started by building cabinets to redo my kitchen, learned most things from YouTube University. Getting better, at least better at covering up my mistakes.

  2. My brother was quoted $10,000 US by a contractor who was going to order the cabinets from a large cabinet making shop. The materials cost me around $3,000 and I charged him the same for my labor.

  3. Sherwin-williams Emerald acrylic, I use an airless sprayer from Harbor Freight. I just upgraded my spray gun to a Grayco, much better than the gun that came with the sprayer.

  4. It was built as five pieces in my garage shop then I leveled them and fixed them to the wall. Face frame was installed in place and scribed cut and flush routered to get a clean fit.

  5. I want to make a cased opwneing between my living room and den with something exactly like this to create another bedroom for my oldest son. Teenager in need of his own space.

  6. These look incredible. I’ve gotta say though - why is this in the “beginner” woodworking subreddit? Is there a subreddit for people who are clearly not as skilled as this (such as myself)?

  7. Bruh, why does this particular post invalidate your ability to post here? Are you a beginner woodworker? Then you can post here. Less gatekeeping, more woodworking.

  8. I thought the same, but OP did say in a comment they’ve been learning from YouTube (though for how long, they didn’t say).

  9. Absolutely stunning, I commend you on your use of simple cabinetry with the solid wood bench surfaces.

  10. Love them but all I can think is those huge knobs pulling some hair out of an unsuspecting person. I’d switch them to a push to close/push to open situation with no knobs.

  11. In fact it is medium-advanced but lets let the people post things furhter than "my first dovetail" or "first box, is not squared but its mine".

  12. Nice job!! I notice you are in my neighboring state. Calling it a "mudroom" and having lockers like that is a quintessential upper middle class Midwest trend!

  13. Idk if this has been asked yet but I was too lazy to read thru all the comments because sometimes I’m a lazy pos,where can you get those doors??? Or did you make those as well?

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