This is my melted beeswax. Is there any hope to getting it yellow? I feel like I probably burned it

  1. Did you filter it at all? Maybe remelt it and pour it through pantyhose. It might lighten up a little. If you used dark cappings, the wax will be dark.

  2. Where did you get this information from? I boil my wax before straining and it always ends up being regular yellow in colour and nothing like you are saying above. Not saying your wrong but I just want to read a bit more on this to understand why it is not happening to me.

  3. How did you melt it? Did you have a load of water in the pot and then melt the wax to have it float to the top or did you just melt the wax in it directly? I have read that an aluminium pot will make the wax dark so I have stuck with stainless steel - is that pot aluminium?

  4. I have found if I use my solar melter it works great I usually run through twice once through a screen to remove larger debris then I put a large coffee filter in with the wax set on it to filter is again works great I keep my wax capping separate and melt it for specific uses

  5. I’m curious as to what temp most are melting wax at in a crock pot. I bought a small one and it takes ages to melt in high. It was $10 when I was at Walmart and made an impulse buy rather than ruin one of my full-size nice crockpots or buy a new one.

  6. I use an electric kettle with a spout jerry rigged on the bottom. I throw it in there with water on low and the nasty stuff goes to the water and you take the wax. You have to have patience and do everything on low. If you burn it, like it looks like you might have, you can’t go back. Sorry :(

  7. If your water was boiling it was too hot, I put my stove on the lowest setting and I add tons of water to the pot, once I remove imperfections from the wax it always comes out a nice yellow color.

  8. I boiled my wax for a good 30 minutes and it turned out great considering that I got it from some really dark brood comb

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