Are these frames safe to reuse?

  1. No idea. I thought there might possibly be a chance of contagion, from whatever drove the other colony of leave. And was hoping that if that was the case, it would be visible, and the more knowledgeable people here would be able to let me know.

  2. I've scraped off a couple frames of beeswax from a hive that has absconded. No signs of dead bees anywhere. But the hive was also infested with ants.

  3. I’m no bee expert but I installed 2 packages with frames worse than that and the bees cleans them up and are thriving. I say run it.

  4. What's your take on VSH breeds such as the VSH buckfast queen sold by black mountain honey ? Does it work ? Should everyone switch to those queens ? Should everyone stop all treatments to evolve the bees into cleaning the mites themselves ?

  5. Alright. Thanks. My weaker remaining colony is probably going to enjoy having a bit of effort lifted from them.

  6. They don’t look “bad” But what do you plan on using them for? Extra brood chamber for a single deep? Honey Super? 1st one- sure. 2nd - maybe not. We use a 5 year rotation on brood frames and honey supers.

  7. They're getting old, but will do another season. The bees will be the final arbitrators. If worried, dip in dilute solution of weak bleach 1-2% for a few minutes, rinse well with hose and let dry.

  8. You're always taking a risk using old brood frames, simply because AFB spores can survive for so damn long. That said these look newer than most so you're probably fine, I'd still scrape off the areas containing brood cells though.

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