Anyone else see this before lol (Didn’t know what to tag it as? Not complaining I just thought it would make someone else smile. It made me laugh! ) is it an eye? A belly button? What do you seeeee..?

  1. Tiddie jokes aside (though they’re all very good), I think this might just be a really dramatic case of blooming? It’s not uncommon to get little spots of whitish stuff on lipstick, especially if the temperature control wasn’t precise enough during production. It’s typically not anything to worry about, as the blooming is due to the fats of the lipstick basically just sweating out of the product. As long as it doesn’t have any weird discoloration (a sign of mold), it’s probably safe to use, even. Blooming happens in chocolate making/tempering, too, because some of the chemical processes are the same as in lipstick formulations.

  2. I know... Bullets are made in tight fit molds... i can't imagine what might have caused that that shouldn't cause concern...

  3. It's a fake nipple...similar to the fake one on the fortune teller in the movie mallrats. 🤣 It's been decades and I can't forget about it lol

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