Ipsy Add-Ons missing items?

  1. Also, did anyone else get the brow pencil in peanut butter (Skone website says it’s for blondes) despite their profile saying they have dark brown hair? Ipsy it’s my first bag come on lmao don’t pull a Boxy

  2. I got it! Awful. I’m a natural dark brown bordering black haired dark tan person too. And I’m like cool thanks for giving me the wrong brow pencil when you also had the right color variant in stock too! (Not that I wanted a brow pencil at all, but at least give it to me in the right color!)

  3. I did too! That’s a bummer it’s the wrong color because I would’ve definitely used it in the right shade.

  4. They don't include all products coming in bags they don't add more later. For instance I really wanted the Burgundy Belle Argent lipstick but it was not in add ons or my bag that month. Luckily they have it in points . I am hoping my daughter or co worker got the MUF so they can trade me.

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