If you received the Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions mascara in your Ipsy (or any other sub box), you need to read this NOW.

  1. Any insight on this is helpful. Even if it means calling BS. It wouldn't be the first time someone has just tried to stir up what they can about whatever they can. I hope that this is really all this is.

  2. Saw a note in the article saying that this preservative was approved for eyelash and eyebrow products? Did I misunderstand that that is still not ok either?

  3. That makes me feel much better about having used it for so long, although now I’m wondering approved by whom and according to what standards? Time for more reading I guess

  4. It sounds to me the problem is not the preseverative but impurities in the manufacturing process that are present in the final product.

  5. Well fuck. That's incredibly disappointing considering I was just about to crack open my FS thrive mascara.. Luckily, My crippling addiction to mascaras is finally paying off bc I have about 5 back ups in tow

  6. Whoaaaa, I bought this from Ipsy so excited to try it but used it once and totally hated it. Been sitting in my drawer waiting to be thrown out for months, guess it's for the best...

  7. Me too. I really was so hyped to try it BC of the overwhelmingly good reviews...but it was so horribly disappointing. It made my lashes look so bad.

  8. FYI - it’s got a learning curve. Give it a try again, but wipe the excess mascara off on a rag or on the side of the tube really thoroughly. I usually wipe it 4-5 times. Then it applies really nicely!

  9. That's a bit misleading though and almost falling into the category of fear mongering. People need to read the article and understand why certain things are used. We have yet to get any cold hard facts that this is bad. Why create that fear?

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