Chocolate Phoenix by Chef Amaury Guichon

  1. Wtf? I kept watching like, "oh that's cool af" and then it went further and further. My sense of wonder and awe kept getting pushed over the limit. Seriously cool. Pls tell me they won some kind of award.

  2. This guy done some amazing work. I always wonder…after it all, does the chocolate goes to waste or he sell it or something??

  3. I was going to ask: do these beautiful creations get eaten? Or preserved? Or wasted? Or melted down and made into something else?

  4. I wonder this too. If you watch the reels he posts on FB he always eats his creations at the end and smiles. Surprising it's not commissioned work because it's always very elaborate stuff.

  5. Are there longer videos of this guy? He’s made this majestic sculpture with chocolate, yet there only seems to be a video only 3 minutes in length. I’d love to see a 30 minute of this.

  6. There's always the question. Why not make these out of actual clay or something? So it stays as an art piece longer in normal environments. Like there could be an entire art show with these sculptures.

  7. It's a chance of definition of art. Artists used to do something that stays around forever. Nowadays they accept the fact that everything must come to an end including art. "It went from beauty must be protected forever"to" it's beautiful because of it's transience".

  8. Also less wasteful. I know he takes bites of his creations in his videos, but he certainly doesn't eat the whole thing and I'm sure his commissioned well doesn't get all eaten either.

  9. Artists are creatively motivated for different reasons, and some artists really like working with challenging materials. Understanding how the material behaves and pushing the limits of what it can be used for is a big part of the fun for them. Amaury Guichon seems to love engineering, planning, and experimenting, so working with a non-standard sculpture material lets him do that.

  10. This is actually ridiculous. After every new completed section I would think "damn, what incredible artistry, it's finished now" and then he'd add a new incredibly precise detail and I'd be like "OH DAMN GENIUS what artistry but it's gotta be finished now" and that cycle happened 4 or 5 times

  11. I love his creations. They amaze and delight me. But, I really wish he wouldn’t colour them, or just use highlights so you can see the chocolate perfection. It’s beautiful, but almost looks like plastic, I love the look of the chocolate itself!

  12. Imagine showing this to the central african child labor who pick coco fruit who got payed 0.5 cent per hour and working 12 hours a day, he would cry and piss and poop at the same time

  13. How dare that guy smile after completing a beautiful work of art. I too want everyone to be miserable and stoic at all times.

  14. Every single one of Amaury’s creations could be posted on this sub. He’s got some incredible talent and attention to detail.

  15. I hate that he spray painted it. Really takes away from the impact of "oh shit this is all pure chocolate" and makes it look plastic.

  16. Ok. Can we stop posting this guy like every 2 weeks? Yeah great we GET IT. He makes chocolate sculptures. Even if I cared. Y'all post his shit all the time. Yes he's talented. But please stop. I don't need to see a statue of liberty made of chocolate. It's a bit much.

  17. Ok so there's the Turkish chef that stares at the camera all the time without breaking eye contact and smiling like a 40 IQ guy and now there is this moron with his creepy smile. Happy Halloween I guess.

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