This spa/hot-tub room simulates being in a thunderstorm

  1. Rain needs to be a bit cold but the water warm for that weird feeling of warm blanket and rain on the tin roof. This would be my happy place for sure.

  2. I have been in an open air hot tub of a Costa Rican hostel on a hill/mountain during a rainstorm and our amazing view was of just jungle and a volcano and monkeys and birds freaking out. It was pretty similar to this video but with less lightning and well... Also real.

  3. as much as i like rain, having been in a hot tub when its raining, its honestly just annoying, your trina chillout, but you cant lie back without it pelting your eyes and face.

  4. This looks like “rich people stuff” but it is actually pretty cheap. It’s in Milan at a spa and entry to the building cost €100 for my wife and I. We were there 3-4 hours. They have a ton of different types of cool rooms to relax in. And they have free food and wine for you.

  5. Dude i was thinking something similar. This looks awesome but I feel like 2 minutes and my thalassophobia would be triggering panic

  6. It cycles through a few scenarios, there's an underwater scene with fish, and some babbling brooks, and then a landscape with the storm approaching in the distance.

  7. I just wanted to enjoy the video with the original audio. Would have been much more immersive without the added music.

  8. um i think it is more about doing something you are not supposed to lol Going under water with storm outside is very well known no no behaviour no matter if u r rich or poor haha

  9. Ok in Florida IRL this is when we'd get out of the hottub (when lightning strikes anywhere nearby) so this would make me uncomfortable.

  10. Awesome to put a fucked spundtrack over the video so we cant hear the thunderstorm sound. People are dumb. This sounds shit.

  11. Back on my island, it was such a therapeutic experience to sit outside during a very rainy and windy day with no noise but the sound of rain hitting my tin roof and the wind slightly splashing waster to my face.

  12. definitely love thos but i have a phobia if there was an actual electric shock and wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

  13. They just had to add a song in the background. What, sound of rain and water not good enough for you?!??

  14. You know the original sounds would have been enough but some wannabe had to dub it over with the most nickel-back meets metal sounding crap I ever did hear

  15. Am I the only one whose minds think and then start to see that i am in a rainforest bathing in a clean pool but thunderstorm and rain comes in and i start to hear dinosaurs, lightning just in the video. It would be terrifying for me to bath there

  16. I LOVE storms and rain whilst going to sleep, but honestly this seems chaotic and I'm not sure I'd feel that calm here hahaah

  17. Haha ok first read of the title and quick glance at the pic I thought this was another article about people playing in "hot tub" hurricane Ian

  18. I can feel a seizure coming on….this does not seem like a relaxing time for me but the folks in the clip look to be enjoying it so there’s definitely a market!

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