Amazing cinema with beds

  1. Yeah. Besides overpaying for food, being surrounded by obnoxious strangers, paying for a movie that you don’t know if you’re gonna like or not when you could be paying $20 for the digital/physical Blu-ray copy 4 months later, or in recent cases 2 weeks later - like why would you wanna sit and lay on a smelly disgusting sofa and pillow? It’s so nasty. Imagine putting your head on a pillow with piss or vomit? Don’t even mention people wiping their greasy popcorn hands. Hotels and airplanes can be gross too, but at least those places are a bit more taken care of and held to a bit higher standards. Public theaters are always a bad deal.

  2. I had to stop going to the movies with one friend because every time the lights would go all the way down I just look to him and his head’s back, mouth wide open you’d think he was dead. And these weren’t like calm little dramas, I’m talking Infinity War, Rogue One and Wonder Woman just to name a few.

  3. I went to see three thousand years of longing and the guy behind me fell asleep and snored through the second half of the movie. It was SOOOO annoying. Then he wakes up at the credits and asks his girlfriend who has been sitting next to him "why didn't you wake me up!" I can only imagine how often that must happen at Naptime Theaters...

  4. My wife wouldn't stand a chance. If her outside temp heats up 1 degree higher than the room temperature she is gonzo. Could be standing on her feet, lol. Add a couch and blankets and I know I will be retelling the movie later on.

  5. I know right! Like my mind IMMEDIATELY went there I’m like thinking “wow it would be really hard to pay attention to the movie with the sex noises coming from behind you” I mean it could make things interesting

  6. My mind went there immediately and I’m like, uncomfortable seating is the ONLY thing keeping movie theaters from staying somewhat respectable!

  7. I used to work as a janitor in a movie theatre for minimum wage($9 in Nebraska), and one time someone booked a private screening for one of the 50 Shades of Grey movies and I should of asked someone what the movie was going to be. If I would of known what movie it was, I would of put plastic down on all the seats because when I went in there to clean, there was cum and shit on like 5 seats. So whoever was in there watching the movie must of had a goddamn orgy in there or something.

  8. It depends entirely on whether it's actually comfy. And whether those pillow cases are washable. I could see this being a good thing, but I tend to think soft reclining chairs should be where we put the breaks on this.

  9. Every theatre I've been to has disgusting sticky floors, popcorn and candy everywhere, stains, etc. I wouldn't feel comfortable laying down in a bed at a movie theatre. Also, imagine watching The Godfather or Schindler's List or something while surrounded by the sounds of fellacio.

  10. My favourite local cinema has cushy two or three seater sofas and armchairs, so you can choose if you want seatmates. It's actually really clean and tends not to have a rowdy clientele even though it's in the city centre. It looks like an ideal set up for furtive sex on the back corner sofa, but I've never witnessed it.

  11. Fellacio is what they did with chairs. With this set up you'll be laying back, watching a movie, and someone's head will be popping up over seat in front if you like a whack-a-mole.

  12. That's like looking at people eating in a chic restaurant and thinking "yeah, no way I'd wear a suit or a tuxedo to go eat, people are way too trashy and I'd get dirty really quick" just because your experience of eating in a restaurant is fighting off metheads at your local McDonald.

  13. No thanks. People are slobs at movie theaters as it is. I can't imagine what those animals would do in a bed. Actually I can, and I'm pretty sure it won't be cleaned up in between showings.

  14. Um, big pass on this idea. Other than the obvious, I would fall asleep. Hell I already struggle to stay awake in the comfy reclining chairs.

  15. Tempur pedic cinema in South Korea. Korean culture emphasizes cleanliness and social responsibility. Wouldn’t bat an eye going to this vs in any other country (besides maybe Japan)

  16. There’s one in Portland called Studio One. It’s amazing. Five-star dining attached to a theater with a bunch of rooms like this with tables and furniture of various sizes and the best popcorn you’ll ever eat in your entire life.

  17. No thanks. Besides how gross it probably is, I’d definitely fall asleep and with the cost of movies in a theater that would irritate me.

  18. New stain....looks like mayonnaise....16 year old minimum wage employee quickly puts the other pillow over said condiment... Next movie showing..

  19. Besides the obvious handjobs, you’re paying $15 for a nap. And believe me, that nap is unavoidable when lying at that angle.

  20. Finger bang bang! Bang bang bang! I’m gonna finger bang bang you every night, girl I love to finger bang and that’s alright!👉🏻👉🏻

  21. Unless they are completely disinfected after every show regardless if they were sold I wouldn’t even consider it. Gross.

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