People in a cult don't know they're in a cult. But everyone else can tell.

  1. According to the U.S. flag code, the U.S. flag should not be used for decoration, or clothing. Most of these "so called" patriots appear to be ignorant on how to treat the flag.

  2. If the cameras image is mirrored one of the 2 on the wall is displayed incorrectly... if it's not mirrored one is still incorrectly displayed.

  3. No. Just fascists do. These are the same kind of people who think the holocaust was fake, the kkk did nothing wrong and the only good brown person is a dead one. There's nothing American about them, despite their claims

  4. yeah good luck with that one, to borrow a phrase we've crossed the Rubicon on that one. They want you converted or dead, you should prepare accordingly.

  5. Idk what's cringier, the fact that someone made this video or that they likely had to script and rehearse this video before filming it.

  6. You can just tell the writer and director of this garbage is the dad. I can just about guess his personality just from this.

  7. I mean fuck the flag… they are WORSHIPPING and kneeling in prayer to it as false Christians. That’s blasphemous and treasonous all in one.

  8. Funniest part to me is the flag they are using to drape themselves with is damaged. Which is like the biggest no in flag care

  9. I hate that the American flag has been co-opted by shitty people, I used to walk around in American flag shirts and now I can’t anymore because I’ll be associated with these nut jobs and the right wing Nazis.

  10. Okay folks, we can respect the flag, feel patriotic for the flag and display the flag, however, to pray or worship the flag is what goes into cultish territory or just plain wacko!

  11. Wtf is the problem with muricans and dumb patriotism, is your country that shitty that you feel compelled to such an embarrassing display of nationalism? In France we have a word for that : tartuffe.

  12. Flag being hung backwards, being used as clothing and as a blanket, and letting it touch the ground. There is literally nothing respectful in this video

  13. Don't these flag worshipping simpletons know the flag should never be wort as a smock, cape, woobie or whatever the fuck that was per 4 U.S. Code 8?

  14. America After killing thousands of people, plundering several continents and killing the entire generation of red skins and slavery and racism, genocide, war, inflation of the whole world, making atomic bombs and burning fossil fuels, the war for oil in the Middle East, the Hiroshima disaster, the production and distribution of garbage Humans all over the world:

  15. As an American, when i see someone flying a American flag on their car or on their backs, i admittedly think asshole and racist. Its a shame i cant be proud of my own countrys flag!

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