7 weeks and all I want is a McDonald’s hashbrown

  1. This was me with my first pregnancy! Baked potatoes and (weirdly enough) Brussels sprouts until about 15 or 16 weeks. This time around I wasn’t nearly as sick, but the cravings have been all over the place 🥴.

  2. Basically same...I've solely lived off of various forms of potatoes and dinosaur nuggets for the last...5 weeks? 13w2d today. Hardly anything else will stay down.

  3. I survived solely on McDonald’s and prenatal vitamins for weeks 6 to like 15 lol . The cheeseburger and fry combo was everything to me with the occasional mcchicken

  4. I never ate McDonald's cheeseburgers in my life and during that first trimester they were one of the only things I could keep down, extra pickles and not so much as a whiff of onion. Bless my sweet husband if I texted him that I was having a particularly rough go or he came home to find me zoned out sitting bolt upright on the couch and breathing through nausea he would show up with said cheeseburgers.

  5. Orida Golden crispy crowns taste just like McDonald's hash browns! Great to keep in your house if you are craving.

  6. There is a certain cheesy sour cream tater tot casserole I have made more than I'd like to admit in the past month but it's DELICIOUS right now

  7. I got a 10 piece the other day and the lady at drive thru leans through the window and whispered “you can get another 10 for $1.00” and I just stared at her and nodded 🤣

  8. I'm slightly mad I can't upvote this more than once... and yup, I ate a box of these bad boys on the way to my midwife appointment today. No shame. Just ketchup.

  9. I are so much McDonald’s during my pregnancy. Only gained 4kgs and had an average sized baby. Felt very vindicated after having my mother tell me I shouldn’t eat junk food or I would get fat and have a huge baby

  10. Now I want one too. My biggest craving is a large orange hi-c from McDonald’s so looks like I’m adding on some hashbrowns next time 😂

  11. Arbys seems to be unpopular with many people, but I am completely and absolutely obsessed with their roast beef right now. Specifically the French dip and Swiss. I could eat it multiple times a day, every day. Too bad our family is large and it can get expensive, so I've had it exactly twice lol. But I'm wondering what random ass nutrient my body needs is in that floppy processed meat because I am obsessed with like I've never been for anything. This is my 5th pregnancy, so I've had all the cravings on the spectrum, THIS one is on an entirely different level lol.

  12. This is me with doritos locos tacos right and chicken nuggets right now. Like... wtf, normally I wouldn't even feed that stuff to the chickens, but now it's suddenly edible and... tasty?

  13. I realized I was pregnant when I wanted Mexican food - for the third time in one week. Now I like Mexican food, but not that much. 😂

  14. It was shortly after Valentine’s Day and I had made a giant woopie pie cake, chocolate with raspberry vegan buttercream inside. I had half of it over the course of a week and realized I was pregnant 😂 I’m 34.5w now, and damn could I go for a bite of that cake rn

  15. Oh man carbs were just about the only thing that sounded appealing the entire first trimester for me. I hope you get all the hashbrowns you desire!

  16. Just an FYI for anyone who has the same cravings I did. McDonald's hamburgers and cheeseburgers microwave nicely. I used to have my husband bring home a literal sack of burgers once a week and zap one in the middle of the night for my second dinner. Okay okay, third dinner.

  17. I practically survived off buttered toast and chocolate milk for the first 15 weeks. I say eat whatever you want and can actually handle.

  18. I’m a vegetarian but I literally just added biscuits and vegan “sausages” to my grocery list to make little sandwiches. 😂😂

  19. Two weeks ago I got a hash brown and a breakfast sandwich, I got teary eyed. It was SO good. I need another🙃I also downloaded the McD’s app. I’m so tempted. Husband is trying his best not to judge.

  20. I never eat McDonald’s….until now. I’m 12 weeks and omg cheeseburger fries and McDonald’s coke. Chef kiss 🤣

  21. don’t usually eat mcds but early on all i wanted was a mcchicken or hashbrown! now 35 weeks and i don’t crave those, just want all food all the time.

  22. Boy, does that sound good. That's the kind of thing that fixed my nausea and heartburn during first trimester and it sounds like a fine treat for breakfast during week 32! Maybe I'll sneak out to a fast food joint tomorrow morning ...

  23. If I could give my pregnant self advice it would be to eat and enjoy as much as possible, soon nothing on earth sounded appetising and everything gave me heartburn.

  24. I’m 8 weeks and last night I literally dreamt about pizza.. and in my sleepy state I was contemplating how I could get it in the middle of the night lol… so today I told my husband and we had it for lunch 😛 these cravings are strong!

  25. Ahhhh the dairy/carb combo cravings just keep coming! 20 weeks rn and currently on a BEC kick (could literally eat that for every meal) but before that it was Mac & cheese, and before that pizza. Oh and ice cream…always ice cream.

  26. Oh man, I craved those so much too! If you’re far from a McDonald’s, you can make a REALLY good one at home with frozen hashbrowns and an air fryer.

  27. During my first trimester, I constantly wanted hashbrowns too! Normally I have a sweet tooth, but in this case I was craving salty carbs.

  28. My fetus HATES McDonald’s hasbrowns, I’ve thrown up every one I’ve eaten for 8 months 😭

  29. I would drop off my toddler at preschool and go straight to McDonald’s for a number 1 with an extra hashbrown and unsweetened tea. I realized I was doing this daily and I would inhale it in the car ride back home. I’m postpartum now and I still frequent McDonald’s for breakfast but about 1x a week. I NEVER ate their breakfast and rarely ate from there before this last baby. They put something in their food I’m convinced. On the other hand.. this last pregnancy, I craved BAGS of broccoli. I would cook 1lb of broccoli and eat it in a bowl at night literally what the hell.. and fresh pineapple and strawberries, I would crush 1lb of strawberries or an entire pineapple EASY.

  30. this is the worst feeling, its always at like 3am when its impossible to get the absolutely random thing youre raveously craving

  31. Every single Sunday since I’ve known I was pregnant my husband has brought me two McD’s hash browns back from his morning coffee run. I look forward to them every week and they’re one of the VERY few foods that I never developed an aversion to or felt sick after eating. I’m convinced those things are magic.

  32. I’m 9+2 today, and found out at 3+1- weeks 4-6.5 all I wanted was McDonald’s ranch. 😂 had some last night for the first time in 2.5 weeks and was like “oh yeah- this is the good stuff.” 😂

  33. All my doctor's appointments this pregnancy have been no later than 9:15am. After each one I have treated myself to McDonalds breakfast. Now I only have 3-4 left.

  34. This is a great idea. I have my very first ultrasound coming up and it’s in the morning. I’m nervous- but maybe having a hashbrown or two before or after will help. 🥰

  35. My husband and I grab McDonald’s on the way to church pretty much every other week. Their hash browns are literally the only thing I ordered the whole time I was pregnant. 😂

  36. I never ate McDonald's until I was pregnant and then I ONLY wanted cheeseburgers no onions and big diet cokes. Hits the spot! Enjoy in moderation

  37. Dear god I had hashbrown cravings so badly with my last pregnancy. More than once I ate 3 in one sitting. Now I’m not sure I could stomach it!

  38. I have been constantly badgering my partner if he wants a mcdonalds breakfast simply so I can order some hash browns and steal his from his meal 😆

  39. I visited McDonald’s at least 3 times a week (sometimes just fries and hot fudge sundae after dinner) in my first trimester… for comparison, I used to visit the establishment only on road trips, like 3 times a year… I didn’t even know they had a hot fudge sundae lol.

  40. My entire first trimester all I could eat were potatoes in various forms. I was obsessed. The trader joe’s yellow box of hashbrowns made in the air fryer are pretty damn close to McDs. I even named the foster kittens I picked up at that time Hashbrown, Spud, Chip, and Tater Tot.

  41. This was me too. When I was pregnant with my first I went and it was 2 minutes after breakfast they refused to give me a hash brown and I went home and cried for a good 30 minutes.

  42. I have literally been surviving off of McDonald's hash browns and Sprite. Every single morning I go there and they know my order already. I am 9 weeks right now... I get two hash browns and a Sprite and then go sit in the parking lot and try and calm my stomach... It's literally the only thing that I have found that works.

  43. go ahead and download the McDonalds app so you can get free stuff and discounted food and occasionally free food when you get enough points. One day , I was gonna go to Starbucks but MCDs was right there and i was like well their frappes are a lot cheaper and taste way better. And then with my app I got a hashbrown and a sausage biscuit with cheese for 1.50 omgggg i was in the drive thru everyday. I was so glad 2$ was what i needed to curb my cravings. By the end of the week I was able to get a a free frappe lol

  44. I’m 37 weeks tomorrow, and my main cravings have been strawberries and McDonalds hash browns. First trimester I’d always get 2 in my breakfast meal, but I’ve toned it back down to 1 since then (we usually go every couple weeks). Soooooo good 🤤

  45. McDonald’s breakfast has been a huge craving but Im always too late.. I wish they brought back all day breakfast in Canada.. 😥

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