Call Dr. Ruth... I think I got screwed! (First visit to dealership)

  1. Next time you should buy from FCPEuro and then you can just warranty your oil for life. Just FYI. I buy all fluids, brakes, etc from there and they'll warranty forever.

  2. I've got an oil change needed in October. Have no problems changing it myself, but had thought to have the dealer do it since I'm still under warranty.

  3. The oil and filter comes up to about $80 when I get it from my dealer once a year, then I just do it in the garage.

  4. I bet they didn't even put mine in emissions test mode because my battery level was at about 85% when I dropped it off.

  5. I don’t know what specific car you’re referring to but start stop works very well and will for several years. One of the main reason why a vehicle will not got into MSA is if the battery state of charge is low (could be from an exhausted battery) or if the cabin temperature needs to be maintained, in addition to several other normal things. MSA doesn’t always shut off every single time you stop.

  6. It's because most people aren't learning to use is right, and their excuse is that it destroys the engine. Those engines are engineered and made for stop-stop.

  7. It's extremely easy you can do it in your driveway no sweat, even if you've never turned a wrench before. Also, it uses the same filters that are common for scooters, small motorcycles, and large lawnmowers. Should cost about $40 all-in if you do it at home.

  8. I took my 2018 Rex to a local shop here in SoCal that specializes in bmw/mini. They were great, full look over the car and oil change was $80 out the door. I’m sure the dealer would have charged the same as yours. Dealers are nuts for sure.

  9. I've got a nearby shop that specializes in BMWs, Mercedes, Audi, and the like, and they didn't want to touch my i3. Perhaps I can still convince them next year.

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