Websites with trustworthy ratings for BMW dealers?

  1. As far as "good aggregate data on service outcomes", the BMW Dealer we used for the last 7 years just BEGGED us to leave them "nothing less" than 5 stars for everything all the time. I would not trust ratings on a website. Even if it appears to be an independent website. The ratings can be gamed.

  2. "The ratings can be gamed." Agreed. But anonymous user ratings aggregated on an independent website would seem to be the best option available for someone in my position, unless there's a better option I don't know about. Suggestions?

  3. Don't go. It is not worth it. My last one took them less than 20 minutes. It is just an excuse for them to sell you services. They do this because they can't get you in for a 5000 miles oil change. ( After waiting 30 minutes at the dealer to drop off my vehicle, by the time i got home in the loaner vehicle, (20 minutes) they phoned and told me it was ready for pick up).

  4. Thanks for taking the time to provide this extensive response. As it happens, there is a very good local independent service center that has maintained my ICE car for several years, and they replaced the deteriorating front tires on my i3 shortly after I bought it in January. But they don't have access to the BMW proprietary computer systems, and so are limited in the kind of diagnostic and electrical work they can do for me.

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