Just got the M235i back from the wrap shop! Wanted to go for something that you don’t see often on a BMW.

  1. I don't understand why people hate this beige color so much, I always liked the sorta sand look, reminds me of a nice cream mocha not prosthetic plastics

  2. I was really going for “recent model car that looks like it’s got 300k miles and is about to break down” look lol

  3. First time on the autobahn was in a taxi from the Munich Airport. To say I was terrified was an understatement.

  4. Ah the color of alpine white after a typical person leases it for 3 years only washing it once by the dealership when leased.

  5. I love the light roast guys this is great, sounds like I need to post a follow up when I put on black wheels to see if I can sway some naysayers 😂

  6. Unique colour choice. I think you could use some different wheels to set it off. Maybe some lowering springs or coilovers as well

  7. I don’t think it looks bad, just incomplete I guess. Just need some black accents like wheels, front lip and bigger spoiler

  8. That's the color taxis had in Russia... In like late 90s. I don't know if it is still a thing - I bailed motherfucking 20 years ago.

  9. I’ve always loved this color on cars. Usually liked it first on trucks but now I’m really liking it on bmw. Black rims would look super good with it too

  10. Dude idk why everyone else is disliking it. It think it looks sick and different. Throw a nice set of wheels on and this thing would look killer imo

  11. Love it, hate it, ahhh I see what ya did there. I powder coated my white 550 wheels goldish and get the same. People either love it or hate it.

  12. Looks cool to me, I’ve thought of wrapping my car in that new “desert sand” color that’s on a lot of Toyotas but haven’t pulled the trigger.

  13. What was the cost? thinking about wrapping mine as well…just a different color. sick car tho def get the black wheels

  14. Reminds me of french vanilla ice cream. I actually kinda like it, but probably wouldn't get this color myself. If you like it good for you though!

  15. I sure hope not! Lol but I can’t imagine it would affect them any more than paint would. They took all the sensor covers off and wrapped them individually

  16. It still looks nicer than the new 2 series range. I saw one on the motorway today and nearly crashed because I was being sick.

  17. Honestly the colour would pair extremely well with gloss black or carbon accents (wheels, lip/skirts/spats, spoiler etc).

  18. I JUST had my nails this color and thought “how would this looks on the bmw” and by god you’ve done it. I love it. Looks so fire.

  19. Wow it almost matches the 30 year old Super Nintendo I just got off of Craigslist. You should call it flame retardant yellow.

  20. You have definitely achieved something different here my friend. Not for me, but no doubt it will be driven in style 💪🏼

  21. i really don’t mind it. looks like the color of a german taxi to me. all you need is the little roof sign…

  22. Did they forgot the mirrors or are they black on purpose? It looks so...unfinished as a whole, maybe different/new colored rims and def give the headlights a good cleaning. M235 is a great car btw I hope you enjoy it!

  23. Definitely unfinished! The wrap guys took some creative liberties and did some accents in gloss black lol, can’t decide if I like them or not yet.

  24. Not a bad idea on the black roof! Everything else I agree with as well and they’re all in the works. Color definitely needs to be balanced out

  25. Tbh quite likr it. If i saw it irl i would probably hail it because it reminds me way to much of taxis in Europe. You going to try to create some contrast with details around or what's the plan with the rest?

  26. I’ve got a carbon rear diffuser on the way and the next thing will definitely be black wheels. Will most likely go carbon or black skirts, front splitter, spoiler etc as well but I think after the wheels go on I will focus on performance for a bit

  27. Honestly looks like something is really missing with the bottom sections of the bumper wrapped in black, but glad to see you enjoying it!!!

  28. Definitely not a color you see very often for sure. Not sure if that's dust or not, but you should wet sand your headlights, will definitely make the housings clearer.

  29. You paid money for this? Wrap job looks fine, just not a flattering color for any car. Definitely out of place on a 2 series. At least do a headlight restoration to make it look better.

  30. Ah yes, the "paint shop called to collect the rest of my money after they put the primer on but I couldn't afford it" look.

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