G87 M2 "Official" BMW leak in Germany

  1. They thought it would be cool to copy the Porsche GT2RS square bumper but they forgot that this is no 911 GT car lol. Fail BMW, they have no identify anymore.

  2. It looks like they are sending a half-assed attempt at a dick pic. You know, pull-down and just a peek at the root.

  3. It doesn’t even look good in this picture. What the hell? That intake looks like the filters I use for my home HVAC system.

  4. Just wait. Couple months after premiere half people in here will be saying "it grew on me" and we will be off complain about BMW destroying next car, this time 6 series

  5. I feel like they’re trolling lately. Introducing ugly cars in the ugliest colors possible. Then they roll out a better looking color so everyone thinks they’re adjusting to it when actually the second debut color is just hiding some bad design

  6. Guy on the left looks like he designed it before going into retirement and the guy on the right has to take over

  7. Yes. My next car, after 6 BMWs is likely going to be a different brand. They are almost all ugly now, they even fucked up the lci of the m340i

  8. I already know what the car looks like and hate it, but even if I didn't know what the car looked like underneath, just that small reveal of the squared-off portion of the bumper would already have me disappointed.

  9. Prices dont rise because of aesthetics. They rise if the next model is a mechanical downgrade (perception wise) like the 458 being the first non manual mid engine ferrari or the new AMG going 4 banger.

  10. I don’t think so. People will get used to it. The powertrain is better and the car is newer. That will probably be the case for the C63s because the new one is a 4-cyl hybrid.

  11. Cheapest one in my country is already $80k, so that’s just not possible for me 😂 Doubt it’s possible to find one that’s cheaper unless you directly ask someone who owns one to buy it.

  12. It's even worse. That front end is monstrous, unless it's some weird camera angle or these are two of the smallest man-children. Their shoes fit sideways into the opening lol

  13. The guy on the right looks pretty young and probably a somewhat inexperienced car designer (I might be wrong). Maybe it was his design idea that they went with because BMW thought let the young decide, they know what looks cool and up to date 😂

  14. These fuckers are so proud and smiling for what? They butchered a really good looking design. Should be fired for producing garbage like that

  15. Bro. Anyone asking about fits from a bunch of internet strangers should refrain from commenting on other people’s styles lol. Especially with that last post of yours.

  16. The guy on the right knows what’s hiding under that lol. I personally don’t think it looks that bad, definitely not worse than the G80/2

  17. Fair point in certain regards. The F8x was basically the peak of design. It's probably among the best looking cars under $150,000. In that sense, the G8x is an absolute tragedy. However, I don't think the F8x could have looked better without a minor face-lift and/or simply regurgitating the looks on the G chassis.

  18. This picture reminds me of a parent showing off their kid’s terrible artwork that they made when they were 5

  19. The only way anyone would ever so consider buying this turd is if it has a 10 second quarter mile and costs less than the F87. Even then idk.

  20. So many dislike and they will sold many of them... becouse there is prople that dont care of the brand.. just buy dacia and go

  21. Front looks good imo…I don’t really understand all the hate. It’s the rear that’s gonna be the issue. We only got that one leaked image but man was it odd looking

  22. Uhhh... haven't photos of this car been circulating for the last like week or two? 🤔 "Nothing to see here, folks... no, seriously, nothing new worth seeing here."

  23. I get all of the hate. It's well deserved. But I'm going to try to reserve judgement until we see how it drives. I'm looking forward to reading/watching all of the reviews.

  24. Even if it drives great I think the looks would make me not get one. I'd rather just get the CT4-V Blackwing, which looks better and almost definitely drives better.

  25. nahhh you can't wear tapered jeans with af1s like that especially with no show socks get that guy outta here

  26. The last generation BMWs were nearly perfect. When the 4 series grill came out I grew to like it after seeing it in person. But now it feels like bmw is trying some social experiment on how bad can they design until people stop buying.

  27. Do they expect BMW owners to kneel down and take a leak into that giant box? We all know it'll fit (with plenty of room to spare)

  28. We heard you hated the large grill so we got you a large grill with large wheel vents right next to them.

  29. I'm guessing that these two ass-clowns are responsible for ruining what was supposed to be the swan-song for the last fully-ICE M car. As someone who was legitimately planning to buy the new M2 as a replacement for an aging Z4 M Coupe track car, I couldn't be more disappointed in BMW. Every BMW fanatic I know can't believe how hideous this thing is.

  30. What m2 I literally can not! They fucked the front and the back. At least for m3 it was just a weird grill

  31. I’ve learned if it’s cool to hate a certain Beamer now it will be 10x cooler to love that same beamer within 10 months. G87 is fire😂

  32. When the M240 came out, people were complaining, "Too many shapes! Rectangular grill and triangular intakes are too busy. Would like better if intakes also rectangles."

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