Almost as if BMW tried really hard to make the new M2 uglier than it’s predecessor.

  1. I think you’re onto something here….maybe there’s some sort of secret BMW-Kardashian design alliance.

  2. This makes me sad, because I've definitely been giving some thought into trading for something with back seats. The m240i design gave me hope that it wouldn't be terrible, but this is just so disappointing.

  3. Feels like the same design language as the Nissan Z, simple and square... I dont like it. Feels like a half finished project....

  4. G87 M2 doesn’t look mean or sporty at all, it’s such a box design. I would never be able to tell that is a true M car. F87 M2 is just amazing.

  5. I understand everyone has their own taste, but I cannot for the life of me understand how people actually like the new design? Like, are they so obsessed with BMW that they’ll love anything they make, or what? What am I missing here? This is one of the ugliest designs I’ve ever seen. It looks like someone made a front end out of cardboard.

  6. My mom is over here peaking over my shoulder and saw my screen and said “OMG….they squared off the grills? EWWWWWWWWW! That’s so ugly!!!!”

  7. Have you ever seen one of those really bad mobile games, that just have knock-off bugattis and lamborghinis that just look bad enough, so that no car company sues them? Yeah that's what this looks like.

  8. I wouldn't call it ugly, just meh. It looks like a boring economy car. When the Koreans are coming with more handsome and striking designs there is clearly a problem.

  9. hmm, I feel that if the hood didn't have the bulges and was a bit flatter, and the headlights sat a bit lower so there is less empty space between the headlights and the air vents. Maybe it wouldn't look as awkward? I dunno, those are just what stuck out most.

  10. Like how tf did design sign off on this?? It’s in no way better than the older version. This must truly be a simulation bc I just can’t understand shit anymore

  11. The new M2 looks like it was created by someone who didn’t want to admit he’d never seen a BMW so he had a friend quickly describe it to him.

  12. Oh come on BMW, what the fuck is this... First we have the monstrous oversized grills recently and now you've gone so far backwards it looks like 2 letter boxes on an old car...

  13. I think the recession has hit everyone hard... So if no one has money to buy a car why spend money on a good design. This is a sketch someone's 5yo made in school brought to life

  14. Imagine you're a young car designer and you spent your life learning new designs and drawing inspiration from everywhere and your company goes and pulls this jerkoff out of the hat. I'd be crushed

  15. I m telling you - Mercedes or another brand is bribing or threatening the BMW design team into making cars as ugly as possible. There is no other explanation .

  16. Maybe I’m driving myself crazy by looking at them, but I think it’s a problem of disparate designs not working together. If the headlights were further down and forward (and had angel eyes of some kind) then they could work with the rest of the upper and lower grille, or if the upper grille was higher and the lower grille wasn’t so pronounced it wouldn’t look like a bad body kit. The thing I really don’t get is how they got from the M240i to this, they don’t even look like the same car to me.

  17. The fucking Koreans that copied the entire BWW look now make better looking BMW knockoffs than BMW originals. All we’re seeing is change for the sake of change.

  18. I thought all of the new M3/M4 controversy was silly but this is genuinely bad. I want to like it but I can’t

  19. So everyone remembers the gas crunch of the 70s right? There’s a reason why 60s muscle cars are desirable and 70s muscle cars are forgettable. Economy went to shit and car manufacturers started cutting corners. Aesthetics takes a back seat because it’s cheaper to design the body with less intricate panels. You’re looking at a BMW Pinto….

  20. I showed this to my wife. I think she put it so very well, when she said “your car looks like a great, classic BMW design. That thing at the bottom just looks generic” (I have a 2019 M2C). Man, I SO wanted the new car to be amazing. 🙁

  21. It didn’t really work for the 4 Series, nor the M3; at this point they’re beating a dead, ugly, cheap looking but expensive horse.

  22. Honestly some of these designs I’ve seen recently from BMW I thought they were fake. Like people just making up random stuff to try and fool people on this sub

  23. It’s almost like BMW is intentionally trying to make the ugliest cars on the road. This new design language choice is quite puzzling.

  24. It’s as if they keep building/designing what would otherwise be the perfect car, and then they say, “How can we f*** this up so people will talk about it?”

  25. The first one fucks your wife on yours and her wedding day. The second one asks permission to his wife to take a look at her onlyfans

  26. I like it. Don’t love it but I bought a car considered not as attractive as others in its class because my wife wanted it(2021 palisade) and after owning it and looking at it a lot it grew on me and I started really liking it over the Telluride people preferred. It didn’t matter in the end though because we needed something bigger and sold it for a suburban.

  27. I think it looks more futuristic and better overall imo. I’ve never really liked the front styling of the old M2, the grille looks like a mustache instead of nostrils, and overall I think it’s too busy.

  28. It’s an improvement in some ways, but worse in others. The grille is a definite improvement. And the design language is far more German, it’s very architectural.

  29. It looks so bad. Which sucks because a RWD 3500 lbs car with a detuned m3 engine is a recipe for a great car and I'm sure the comp/cs will be incredible to drive.

  30. It looks so cheap and fake. It looks if GTA designed a car that was supposed to resemble a BMW but was trying to avoid a law suit.

  31. Absolutely horrendous and I’m not a BMW purist. I love the 4 series grill. But this is just absolutely terrible

  32. What the hell are they smoking out in Germany ? How could anyone look at the successor and say “yah this is the direction we want to go”

  33. It just makes my m2c worth more. It's funny that people called the m2c ugly, and the it looked like a Kia, now everyone wishes the new m2 looked as good as a kia.

  34. When I look at the front end of the G87, all I see is a bunch of pieces and shapes that look all jumbled and stuck together. There is no continuity to the design at all - nothing complements any other element of the design. It's just simply bad design.

  35. I just don’t understand. It’s like they fired all their previous designers and got the “CEO’s up and coming designer” to test out his skills on all the new G8x lines. 🤦‍♀️

  36. Domagoj Dukec is the head of design and he’s not concerned with making beautiful cars. His cars are so unattractive I think we’ll see a major loss in market share.

  37. At this point it is very sad to see how BMW's designs get trashed every year. How can you screw so much from the perfect design of the old M2... How did BMW even say "yeah, this is good" and yet proceeded with this garbage... The designer "Jose Casas" Doesn't have a clue about car design, the car doesn't have any flow, my fridge looks better than this... They should really look into their past and start again. This design has basically none connection to their old designs, This is what i can expect from brands like Hyundai, which every gen looks nothing like the one before. BMW always had an "evolution" not a revolution

  38. The outgoing M2C model looks like the new generation while the new generation seems like an M-lite variant. I suspect it’s because of the new shortened headlights. It looks like an angry hot hatch as opposed to a full blown M-coupe

  39. I honestly don’t know what the fuck they were thinking. How can they possibly look at both these cars and think the new model looks better, or even relatively good? BMW design department is trippin.

  40. I’m honestly confused by this design choice. Bewildered. Makes the Stinger look like a Gem. Those nostrils on the grill straight up A/C vents from an F150. Bottom lip and radiator vents looks confused. Sad day for bimmer.

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