1. Of all parameters to evaluate BBBY, why this one? Any financial journalists can put an x-estimate, and evaluating performance in relation to that is not the most useful. I think parameters to go by here is how BBBY fares in relation to historical performance, if they are delivering on taper, and if they are expanding relevant parts. This report checks every box. If you expected more, during a stage when they are actively reforming the entire company, you are delusional. They are putting bankrupcy off the table, thats the most bullish thing about this.

  2. OP is correct with the info provided, but their comment history is all schadenfreude. They are enjoying this, so interact knowing what you're getting yourself into.

  3. Estimated EPS is just another scam tool of the US market. Analyst pump these numbers so companies will fail estimate to get a reason to short and distort.

  4. OH NO! The company had a bad previous quarter as expected before the turnaround plan has even been implemented! Whatever will we do with this overshorted company? 🙄

  5. Tbh I was expecting something like this. They just started the turn around so if you're looking at the earnings report, it's really next quarter and the one after that - those are the ones to pay attention to.

  6. Glad to see some more rational thinking than that of past events. It’s all good folks, this won’t happen over night and it’ll take a bit for a turn around. Go outside, take a walk, touch some grass. Trust in the management.

  7. all the clowns in here: this was to be expected!!! then why didn't you buy some puts to hedge your long position?

  8. Puts? Wtf, we are long. We are not wasting money on puts. Earnings results were basically announced a month ago. This thing will bounce green on some covering, most likely.

  9. NAKD! Go look at that shit show! Folks It can and will never come back... Just be safe and kind to yourself. Maybe in 5 years it hits 20$ again or you ride 1$ and just hope it goes to 2$...

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