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  1. Listen , I am as bullish as can be and do believe RC has involvement still with BBBY but I keep seeing posts about 741 and tweets, and alot of hype being built around Ryan tweeting tomorrow. From what I can see there are 8 tweets from him in July not 7 , as much as I'd love for this theory to be true I don't believe we should be holding our breath for tweets tomorrow or selling because he doesn't. The fact that he hasn't tweeted in so long and there is so much speculation surrounding his involvement has me unbelievably excited though. I remember the moment elon tweeted "Gamestonk" and the effects it had mid squeeze. If there were ever a time for Ryan to break his silence it would be during the C69+ cycle , some food for thought.

  2. Good tweet to bring down expectations! 7 were in July plus 1 response to a thread. Agree forget 741 theory, if tweets fine if not it was just a theory.

  3. I have a 20% off entire purchase coupon, time to go on a SPREE because i'm redecorating my new room im very excitedd, anyone got any recommendations to buy for my new room?

  4. First: make people believe what is going to happen - is a possibility. Second: use 'excuse' to steal 'said items'

  5. naw, just sell everything you have, i want more shares in the freefloat i can take up plus i dont want your weak ass energy in here

  6. I disagree, people talking about "no bankruptcy" was speculation. Today it was cemented on a financial statement from the company.

  7. Yes because everyone can schedule and predict beforehand a market dump day. Look at the whole market for Christ sake

  8. See, if you divide the percentage by 3, we’re… actually, we’re still not holding up very well compared to the rest of the market.

  9. it'd be a real shame if a bunch of smooth af retail investors with nothing to lose decided to start direct registering shares en masse. with the share price so low, i reckon it'd only take a couple of months or so to lock up all outstanding shares. who the hell (that's short the stock) would want to see that happen??

  10. Why are any of you surprised in the dump today? It happened exactly last earnings. Just think of it as discount day to lower your cost average. Just take zen in knowing we're near the very bottom.

  11. I still hold my shares, but I'm disappointed af. Once again sweet talking and disastrous results, just like with Tritton. I think at this point the company would actually do better without any executive board.

  12. So, amazing news that bankruptcy is off the table. I'm still holding. My concern is that given how low the price is now, surely shorts can actually close, maybe even for a profit? Do we have any way of knowing the average entry point for BBBY shorts?

  13. I'm gunna tell you right now most of them are in profit and have zero intent on closing until BBBY announces bankruptcy. The would have averaged up on that mini squeeze, or entered there in the 20s. This is playing out exactly in thier favour, they want us to sell for a huge loss and drive the price down more. Remember, they don't really care if it actually goes bankrupt, they just want you to think it will.

  14. From now on, the course will no longer be viewed. Price alarm clock is at my average. now it's time to wait. we can't change anything anyway. holding is our strongest weapon

  15. How were they a disaster? Did you pay any attention at all during them? Do you expect a company that was priced for bankruptcy to turn profitable in 1 quarter? They are going to be even cash flow by Q4, that could mean end of Q3 or end of Q4. They start turning a profit by Q1 next year.

  16. I have a regarded question. Cash Flow positive is more important being than having positive net income, correct? My understanding is net income is somewhat misleading because their are GAAP requirements that lower their Net income but has nothing to do with the actual flow of money?

  17. Nice. I was looking at the put skew and trying to decide if I wanted the assignment or the free money more.

  18. Look at that one year chart haha haven’t even seen the big one yet 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  19. Greetings from Lisbon! Even on vacay, can’t stop, won’t stop! Today was hella good news!!! Y’all ready for some funny math to begin?!

  20. Damn this dump never ends. Probably gonna dump hard with overall market before any huge reversal. Still think we gonna see sub 5$ again, wich suck, would be more nice to just squeeze

  21. Now that we're about 3 months away from being cash flow neutral with literal 0 talk about bankruptcy, how the fuck are we still being shorted to hell and back?

  22. Overall market is to bearish. Gonna drag bbby down a lot. Buying more if we keep dumping. Gap to fill just under 5$. Then I think we moving up again

  23. If BBBY isn't going bankrupt, it's worth at least double. Even more if they meet their projections of breaking even on operating cash flow by the end of '22. Why risk waiting for a $1 drop on the chance that the stock starts discovering it's true price sooner?

  24. Dude look at the indexes and SPY they are down almost 3% , we are doing really well and even saw some green. All we have to do is hold till the sun rises again in the stock market

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