BBBY short % of float 2.5x more than GME?

  1. Pretty much. Both stocks are shorted to oblivion. The reported numbers are a joke. It is like taking a poll in a prison by asking each prisoner “did you do the crime?”. The self-reported results would be just as goofy as the self-reported short interest.

  2. You're right OP. What BBBY's missing is the manpower of Superstonk. Imagine 180k people DRSing that tiny float which is 100% short.

  3. Imagine Superstonk locking BBBY making 478423x on their investment and then pouring that into GME. Oh my... One can dream, not financial advice though. I'm holding both too btw, I'm a small fish though. Still loving both stocks 💜

  4. I wish they both used computershare so my GME and bbby could live together in the gloriousness that is not the DTCC

  5. Good data is hard to find. From my research I believe that both GME and BBBY data shows strong inferences of being shorted multiple times the floats of each. You can choose to believe what you want to believe and invest accordingly.

  6. AST is the transfer agent - tell your broker you’d like to direct register your shares and this would be whom they and BBBY use

  7. Wish this comment was at the top. In the SEC report that came out GME had 140% short interest on Jan 28th. 140% is the highest allowed reporting number that the SEC will allow for some fuck all reason, and thats considered legal technically. Should be 100%. Gamestop short interest numbers are definitely muddled. I dont know who has more short interest, but given the amount of “fire power” they would need to keep the price at bay while +50% of the retail float is registered, Id put my money down that GME has a lot more.

  8. It won't be possible to lock DRS bbby, because it will run again in December and prices will range dramaticly higher, making market cap 10 times bigger, something like that

  9. SEC report showed that the January run up was not caused by shorts closing GME. In April, Robinhood had court documents that stated GME short interest at the time was 242%. They then changed how SI had to be reported, and it suddenly tanked to almost no SI.

  10. Bath is the only other I Hodl besides Game 96% DRS’d only because I’d bought more last week . The fact is 180k people needed shrinks quite a bit when you look at the amount of the folk here and how many there Hodling .

  11. That's fine, I'm glad GME is being DRS'd. Like I said I'm part of that. I'm sure a bunch of people here are as well.

  12. Honestly, if it drops like 20% Thursday with earnings that could actually be the catalyst.... After the dump last earnings is when I decided to jump in.

  13. gme is on options and btw way more than 2.5 times it was caculated to be at the very least in 500m naked shorts pre split

  14. I saw 68m shares lent out 79m outstanding, 30m short shares, 100% float short. Trading at a .08 price to sales ratio right now. Teslas trading at a 20 price to sales, some spec tech ones were trading at 100 price to sales ratios during pandemic. I don’t think we can go much lower, its just manipulated by shorts, market makers and prime brokers probably. NFA

  15. The beauty of GME and DRS, is we have the jump. It took well over a year before people realized the importance of DRS. Right now BBBY has an amazing head start and daily here we see people DRS ing their shares already.

  16. You are going of of what’s reported. All though both are very shorted. I think it would take a while before BBBY catches up to GME. Both are good plays to be involved with.

  17. Upvote cause it’s true AF. All that mega volume in august where FTD’s were just magically swept under the rug? Yeah retail is holding a good portion of that. This could be locked up in a month.. without any additional buying.

  18. BBBY is in objectively worse shape than gme though so just on the merits it makes sense that it's more heavily shorted.

  19. People selling and companies stock going down makes sense. People being able to bet a company will go bankrupt doesn't. But hey this isn't a casino and just cause I wear a suit mean I'm not a degenerate gambler. I'm a professional. 🤣😂

  20. The thing is no one knows what happens after the float is locked, do you ? I’m holding it from mar 21 , got all amc , ape, GME and bbby!

  21. SI% is of the float. Unless Morningstar where the float makes no sense. For instance, I'm curious about $APRN. Oustanding is 34 mill. Float is a dinky 12ish mill. It was 40% SI at like 5 million shares short. Not 14ish %.

  22. Means nothing as to how many shares of investors are not willing to DRS the shares and remove these from the DTC. Otherwise, rehyothecation it is.

  23. A lot of people here believe that RC “laid” out a treasure map before us with his purchase. Shares and Options. What happened in August had nothing to do with DRS but EVERYTHING to do with shares and options interest. Let’s not over complicate this. Continued pressure put on the call gamma in the options chain will light the fuse when enough buying interest comes into the stock just like last month. If retail gives up on options and focuses solely on DRS which will take longer to accomplish then this will turn into GME 2.0 where essentially it’s cyclical but it won’t experience any major melt ups like we just had. BBBY just had a melt up $4.38 to $30 in a three week time frame. The last time GME moved up 5-6x was in February- March 2021. Point in case. Based on what I’ve seen this mostly is a side play for most investors if we go this route as a sole focus then we will be turned into long term investors of the stock inadvertently. Long dated (3-9 months) as close to the money as possible to launch the 🚀

  24. The key is we need to DRS everything. GME appeals to a larger demographic than BBBY, but they are equally important in the grand scheme. Ultimately, there is a class of people with access to "money" that doesn't exist. That's fucked. But I'm just a smooth brain.

  25. Yes, but also these figures are based on hedge funds self-reporting their positions, so no. Might as well roll dice, it would be just as accurate.

  26. The very simple answer is that all reported rumbers are undoubtably wrong and the true numbers are extremely likely to be several times the outstanding shares shorted multiple times over for both stonks.

  27. Reason why GME percentage is low is simple. People DRS’d their shares. So shorters can’t do much about it to get it high like the old days.

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