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  1. From a gambling standpoint : RC either sold for profit or strategy 50/50, we just don’t know. RC since selling hasn’t promoted or denounced BBBY bullish or bearish 50/50, we just don’t know. Time will tell. Place your bets 🦍s. At the end of the day it’s a casino and this right now is 50/50 black or red!

  2. I also think BBBY would be super appealing to anyone looking to make a name of themselves in the corporate world. Take the new board members for instance. They didn't create the mess and have little to lose but EVERYTHING to gain in the event of a turnaround. The fact that Baby has its own separate storefronts from bed bath presents such a unique opportunity and brilliant card to have in your hands imo. I really feel like the market cornered the wrong tiger on this one and the BBBY board has BIG plans, because everything to gain, nothing to lose.

  3. Yeah, Gove has so much more fame in store for a turnaround then Tritton will ever be remembered for all the years he wasted.

  4. I think BBBY beats earnings, all the 20% off coupons and also door dash offering at first 40% off and now 50% off. Seems like they are really trying to liquidate excess inventory collected up by Tritton and Co. & make room for holiday inventory.

  5. Average at 6.11, entered in June but after recent levels is holding my average I may end up averaging up soon. The dip seems in to me and I don’t think a break of 5 is on the table anymore. Anyway, I’m Bullish.

  6. Man it’s hilarious to see all these shills get worked up over other people’s stock. Like bruh you getting mad because I have 2000 shares of BBBY?? 😂😂

  7. https://www.reddit.com/r/FreeKarma4You/comments/x47cyp/need_karma_please/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  8. I have a 904 shares at an average of 12.13. Wondering what the best thing to do is? I have some other investments just trying to decide if i average down or not?

  9. Is it normal for literally the entire market to move together like this so consistently? Or is it just the global economic uncertainty causing everything to move similarly.

  10. Honestly, it's all moving inversely from the USD. Crypto, Stocks, even Gold. The USD has been on a rampage lately. Once that flips all equities will bounce pretty hard, we just need a catalyst.

  11. You almost don't even need to check BBBY price now, just check the NASDAQ. You can say that about almost any major stock right now with its corresponding market index. I've never seen them move together this consistently quite like this before.

  12. Member count in this sub is quietly ticking upward - doubt most of the new subs are legitimate accounts. Expect there’s gonna be a lotta FUD thrown around post earnings. Meanwhile we have filled any remaining gaps to the downside and bears have quite literally run out of material to work with.

  13. Lot of BS of bulls and bears out there unfortunately. Bankruptcy this year, shortsqueeze/gammsqueez to 100 this year,FTDs, Mergers, lots of nervous "bagholders" (I am also a bagholder but most of the time in the last years I hold BBBY).

  14. I think we’re all just holding and don’t have too much to say. Price dropping on low volume and no news isn’t that interesting. But when the volume comes back, so will the memes

  15. How low will it go? Regret that I didnt sold. Still holding. Hopefully it reversal soon. Or we going sub 5$ again? It feels like that. All momentum and volume is gone.

  16. I bought in at $8.90 and I’m still holding. Everyday it’s down even more. I feel like it’s the worst decision of my life. As of now I’m down so much

  17. We will be there sooner or later. Calm down. There will be a run up this year and then you can sell whenever you want.

  18. Literally everything dipping as the market moves down, wOw tHE maNipUlaTioN. Obviously it sucks to see but this is a value play, relax.

  19. Lmao the manipulation is so obvious. Clearly, hedgecucks want to distract buyers with GME/AMC and keep pushing down the price for BBBY. The fact that BBBY cannot even have a good Green Day since August shows me it’s manipulated af

  20. Haha. GME isn’t a distraction. They are fucked on it way harder than BBBY and they are royally fucked on BBBY. If I had to quantify the amount of fucking, I would say GME infinitely fucks them.

  21. I think they are trying to mentally prepare everyone to time these peaks, so that when the real upward pressure happens… people will paper hand at the first few peaks

  22. Quick question; I have some shares in robinhood, mainly already have most in fidelity, I know Robinhood turned off the “buy” button in the past but do they still let you sell your shares even turning off the buy button?

  23. I guess that this will be just like yesterday. Goes up in German market and at the first 1/2 hours of the american market and then moves back to mid 6.

  24. BBBY & GME crazy low volume to continue?. I'd like to see a comparison of both stocks daily volume before and after the GME splividend

  25. I don't mind BBBY being in the $6 range at all and stay there for a while. This way people can scoop up more shares. If people found their zen over time and started DRSing this thing would probably blow up in a big way at some point. ~80million shares outstanding, ~10million owned by insiders, ~30million sold short (at least that's what they admit to 😂). Not financial advice.

  26. When do we think next runup could be? My guess was end of november but got down voted for that. So whats all guess? All volume is gone right now

  27. You’re getting downvoted for a reasonable question. Same shit happens in SS. Some things never change.

  28. Yeah. But doesn't mean shit. Especially because of what happened yesterday after we were actually +6... I'm not getting hyped or hoping anymore. Just hold and wait until something special happens. +10% EOD. That would be nice.

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