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  1. I cant get the Welcome Rewards subscription to go through with multiple cards in Canada, anyone had this issue and if so did you find a way to get it to work?

  2. I just got an email from Doordash new partnership with $bbby delivery in under an hour and discount code retail22

  3. So at first shills screamed about broken fundamentals, but when you start looking at fundamentals and realizing how criminally undervalued the stock is , they suddenly start saying it doesn't matter lmaoo holy moly,

  4. Short interest updated. Apparently RC selling and all that fud, and they still couldn’t close position. It’s still over 100% of the float. SI decreased by 765,481 shares. That’s how many synthetics they were able to buy back. From $27 to about $8-7.80 range. (Deadline of report sept 19) They couldn’t breach 100%. Float is 28.26 Mill. After all we went through, theres still 29.85 Mill sold short. (Reportedly)

  5. What are the catalysts to create buying pressure in the stock? No knowledgeable investor uses price/revenue, it's worthless and a bearish sign for the company.

  6. Price to sales ratio of .08 lmao holy fuck. Has anyone seen the options chain out until January? Absolute pressure cooker week after week we will have here, for the foreseeable future

  7. How will the Quarterly Earnings effect the stock? Are we expecting anything this Thursday? [idrk how earnings works w/ respect to the sheer volume of stocks and shorts… does anyone have a professional opinion?]

  8. Not sure what the reaction gonna be if RC does not tweet by end of September (another hopium date that may just disappoint again ). Stay strong 🦍s

  9. RC is gone and he's not coming back - he sold 100% of his shares and options. Relying or even hoping for RC to be the catalyst is a recipe for failure

  10. We also need to be prepared for the tweet to not be at all related to BBBY, M&A, etc. I know I posted some tinfoil hattery, but I am fully prepared for an unrelated tweet sent out in September.

  11. I think shorts don't believe in bankruptcy anymore... they just can't. The company is now setup for the long haul. Shorts WILL push for a price where they can close and not lose too much I think.

  12. What price are shorts in at? Below $5 or above current prices? Just don't see why shorts wouldn't close their positions already if they shorted at $20+

  13. You guys see how the price slightly touches neutral line only to get sent down? That’s the emotional targeting algos citadel talks about. It’s like here’s a breath of fresh air (green), now drown him in (red) back up and down, like cia method to break somebody down. They use other tactics like this

  14. Finally seeing some green today! If the Nasdaq closes up there's a good chance we will too. I've noticed BBBY seems to be following the movement of the Nasdaq pretty closely recently. More so than in prior weeks.

  15. I own a very large amount aswell and I agree this sub probably owns a large portion of the free float, problem is that litterally does not matter when they are borrowing dark pool shares and naked shorting with leverage... we are a minnow in the ocean against these corrupt fucks.

  16. I'm a bit in the same boat. If this drops below 6, i'm buying more, if not and, somehow, this starts to moon, I'll moon with the amount that I have invested.

  17. They want us to be crazy emotional, what else? Just relax, do as I do, take a bag of doritos and chill in bed. Check the value of our company once (seems legit?) and then zoom out. 🛌🛀🚀

  18. Wtf scam stock AMTD went up 22% when we were at 5% (ok that’s fine) but now that we are red and SPY too, they are still maintaining 6-7%. Wtf is this manipulation? Sorry guys but it makes me really pissed

  19. Chris you are right about how the price has been moving but remember we are not day traders. We are in for the deep value.

  20. You’ve been in here for days calling people paper hands now you’re talking about day trading. You’re an idiot.

  21. I set a buy order it $6 because I thought the sentiment was we were going lower. Do I have the patience to wait to buy more? Lol I dont have the patience to wait for red lights motherfuckers!! 🚀🚀

  22. Wow ok, I thought we would be red today so I didn’t look at my phone at all, surprise always makes you happier lol , let’s go 🚀

  23. Yeah, they are all complicit, and the swaps are probably how they are short this thing without it showing anywhere. We get stats from regular brokers that show that indeed there are a lot of retail shorts, but that does not explain the price manipulation at all. BTW I think today is a sucker's rally or bull trap, still expecting 6.2 before anything.

  24. I hope they release DRS-numbers on thursday. I know we have a bot but with GME there's a huge descrepancy between what the DRS-Bot shows at

  25. This will be my first meeting since becoming a shareholder. Don't they typically release the DRS numbers?

  26. Oh bagholding this pretty hard now. Just keep going down. Probably gonna see sub 5-6$ before reversal. Gonna buy more then and hope I won’t regret it

  27. Always ready, whole market is red. I been down before, worse than now. Just buy more and average down.

  28. Can’t recall if they quoted a figure for “restructuring costs” on their store closure announcement, but that may have an impact on the quarterly numbers- severance, penalties for ending leases etc.

  29. ive talked to others about earnings... if some of the cost cutting is reflected it would be great, but realistically i expect the full cost cuts to show through by the earnings after.

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