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  1. Anyone have a recommended stock price alert tool? I'm investing with WeBull, but I turn on notifications for a price alert and it fucking spams me with bull shit.

  2. Well, clearly this stock is going to 0 with the rest of the market. Anybody heard of beta? This stock has loads of it

  3. Well they seem to be holding the price at $6.66 in AH. Maybe it's the HF's manipulating the price trying to fuck with us and send a message. I dunno seems pretty bullish to me though 🐂

  4. you'll have to decide that for yourself, but the fact that you're asking the question now means you may be early to something

  5. If I remember correctly they are paid by the post, hence the spam (post includes comments, so just a slurry of nonsense to get them hedge bucks"

  6. This late Friday increase is AMC and GME 2021 dejavu for me…love it and can’t really explain it after the price was suppressed all day long. 🍉🦍

  7. I am looking forward to payday to buy some more shares. Unfortunately have to wait until next week. I remember being a teen in early 2000s with Ford at like $4 and Starbucks at less than $10 and people got out then. I really think the rich count on paper hands to keep status quo.

  8. "Meme" stocks earning reports are almost always a short and distort day. Guarantee big shorts happen in the after hours that day

  9. Well if the pattern in the last hour continues during EOD and in AH I'll consider that a decent start to my weekend

  10. This might be a dumb question but is it possible RC ventures sold with the intention of buying back in after the wash sale period is over?

  11. DO NOT take this next sentence seriously as I'm not counting on RC for shit anymore and frankly I'm befuddled as to what happened, but it's merely amusement.

  12. I will say I'm curious to see what happens over next couple of weeks. SPY is about to retest its June bottom of 360. I think SPY can still go lower over next couple of months as earnings start hitting misses market wide and employment gets tighter, knocking down the one excuse they say is keeping us out of recession territory.

  13. Bought 4,500 worth at 7.50 and another 1,000 at 7.00 yesterday so seeing it at 6.50 hurts but I’ve been buying since 4.70 levels so whatever zen af

  14. The fact that the shills are trying so hard makes me happy. If the stock was dead, nobody would care about it and there wouldn't be any shills.

  15. I was in for the ride but lost 25% which is my cut off morales for any stock. Sorry to say I’ve sold and got in on AVCT to try and win back my losses, rumours of Microsoft buying the company next week.

  16. Thought it might hold 6's into ER. Now looks like it may be 5's by then. Going to be very ugly. At the rate the economy is now slowing, can't see them stabilizing their losses. Writing is on the wall. Good Luck.

  17. Honest question.. is there actually a time frame we expect some upwards price movement? This week has been hyped for months and we basically lost 3usd. Everything is bleeding, are we expecting anything still?

  18. With price this low, shares are the move now. It's a value investment. Squeezes are still definitely on table, but dates is anyone's guess at this point since apparently there's a lot of tricks up sleeves to shuffle FTDs. They've proven that this month. You can still throw some money at options dated a few months out if you want, but those are lotto tickets. I will say given new guidance time to kick in and the cycles of jumps on the stock every few months over past year, Jan options are the earliest I'd buy at this point, maybe feb or march.

  19. There isn't an answer to this question. Things are going to get worse before they get better. No one knows anything and if they do they're not saying a fucking word.

  20. Not financial advice, blah blah. Just my honest opinion. Market is going to bleed for a bit. Earnings in a week, again should be bad because new guidance hasn’t taken hold yet.

  21. Im genuinely asking because im dumb, are shorts still fukt if it does drop to $5? But assuming they do close, price would then increase ya? Im just here to fuck watermelons and chew bubble gum

  22. Why would it make a new high during a bear market and an economic recession with tightening central banks. Do some basic logic, it's going to continue crashing

  23. This dip looks real tasty but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it dips to 5 ahead of earnings end of month to retrace previous low.

  24. BREAKING NEWS: BBBY hovers around the $500 million market cap threshold with 79.96 million shares outstanding, $5 billion dollars in assets and over $7 billion dollars in annual revenue.

  25. See stop loss raid at 4am was 6,45 and where are we heading now? lol and people tell me that is no crime. Go away and believe everything what Wallstreet tells you.

  26. By the way, anyone who is new to this subreddit: do not take that Chris account serious. He has been trolling on here for like a month already. Just block his account.

  27. Bed bath won’t let me buy the forks and knives I want online. Kinda frustrated cuz it would be a nice addition To the house

  28. I’m actually down so much someone give me some hopium is anyone actually holding here or are you guys pussies

  29. If it makes you feel Any better a lot of blue chip stocks are also down 20-30% if not higher depending when you bought this pat year

  30. Anybody loading up on puts? This crash is going to hit BBBY harder than most. Shorts must be laughing with all the profits they are making

  31. Look at these hedgecucks focusing on attacking BBBY. GME and AMC not worth as much as BBBY to them. This makes me feel more confident in upcoming squeeze

  32. See if the stock stays low till next week I have dividends and paycheck so I can make the most of the price. If it rockets between now and next Friday then I can sell and take profits. Either way, WIN. Till then, hold.

  33. Best move right now is buying ATM leaps. Peak volatility has dropped on BBBY and leaps are reasonably priced again. Can execute the contracts once they are close to expiry.

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