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  1. Told my roommate I was in bbby, he goes “are you shorting it” lmao his face when I said absolutely not 😂😂😂

  2. On September 23, 1846, astronomer Johann Gottfried became the first person to observe the planet Neptune. Neptune is also considered the planetary twin to Uranus.

  3. RC knew the impact of Gustavo planned his sell - then Gustavo was probably blamed because you can’t blame Saint Cohen. Fuck RC. In the mean time drop the bomb News so we can fucking moon 🌙

  4. This earning release is for everything till end of august so no, it doesn’t include back to school things on September.

  5. 126k open interest on $80 Jan calls, 40k on $60, 20k on $40, 20k on $20... good lord. I'd be sweating too if I were on the wrong side of this comeback story lmao . And those are only the January ones.

  6. I would like to thank those hedgiepottamus pieces of cunt dog shit for allowing me to continually buy more and more Jupiter moon tickets on my 21st wedding anniversary. Blackjack you dirty hoebags. ♠️👑🍉

  7. we’re one positive catalyst away from this think taking off🚀my calls expiring tomorrow need CPR, staying positive and hoping for some good news. hope ya’ll have a wonderful thirsty thursday 🍻

  8. Common, but trust-eroding communication style between managers and their investors: - Potential good news: Early - Actual bad news: Late Uncommon, trust-enhancing communication style between managers and their investors: - Potential bad news: Early - Actual good news: On-time

  9. I hate the term "meme stocks". Any stock which is actively being naked short sold and cellarboxed is a "meme stock" lol talk about condescending. BBBY is NOT a meme stock, hundreds of retail locations, billions in revenues. If it's a meme stock now then it was a meme stock 5 years ago as well, which it wasn't. Gaslighting at its finest, the term should be abolished.

  10. Well, what should it be called then? "Failed stock" "dead stock"? It's a meme stock because people who are invested in it do so purely on the basis of memes. In contrast, shorts have a viable and profitable strategy of seeing it tank

  11. They are making so much money they can close when they want. I assume some will be taking profits but many will be just enjoying the ride. There is no rush

  12. Ngl this company is wayyy undervalued right now just based on fundamentals. For fun, I’ll give you my expected events based on my research.

  13. This is the same dude 5 hours ago bitching about losing hope and not sure they can handle it going to much lower lol

  14. I've honestly been thinking it all day but didn't want to jinx anything... but I think today may very well end a certain color that isn't red.

  15. Thanks everyone for a fun day, Snek emporium is now closed for the evening. Unfortunately I will have to close shop early, im heading out on a camping trip and will not have cell reception!

  16. This guy fucks. I dunno if sneks are good or bad and if you're just making fun of us... but I like em. Proud owner of like 4 sneks after today.

  17. What happened to all the people commenting this morning about how they don't think they can hold any longer as it dipped below $7? Us diamond hands were never going anywhere and those shills didn't fool anyone with their sob stories.

  18. The current rebound is interesting because both GME and HKD are not rebounding: implying to me that BBBY is shorted to hell..

  19. This seems like the calm. Super low volume. No one posts or comments much here anymore. Whole market has slowly fallen into recession. It’s all about cycles

  20. Also, some ppl dont like the last crisps since they are crushed and harder to eat. A lill pro tip is to put them on another newly opened bag as extra flavour. Or just turn the bag upside down and holding in in your mouth. Or else you can also just snort them. --- NFA ---

  21. our closest cataclyst IMO is the earning release next week. If we can beat the average estimate, that'll be amazing

  22. We may very well do that. Been a lot of time since RC came into the picture to address their spending. 5+ months. Obviously we won't see the results of the store closings yet, but things could be better than we think. Or worse. Who fucking knows. I just like the stock.

  23. yea not much actions anymore... i remember we used to hold lines all together and write a comment every few seconds lol , i guess we are all depressed and dont want to look at the price

  24. Yeah, another noob account setting up for when there's another crash or dip to then post "how you lost everything because of bbby." Gtfo

  25. W.e you do don't get married. That wedding makes it so she won't give you anymore head, nothing but vanilla sex you on top her on your back. And silence. 10/10 would not recommend

  26. I got married at Courthouse 17 years ago in California. Still happily married. It's gonna be alright. Still have the cringe dvd lol.

  27. That's a bold move. You can always get married at the Courthouse for like fifty bucks now, hold the BBBY, and have a crazy nice ceremony later.

  28. Amazing how this stock is consistently beating the market (to the downside). Keep it up, we are clearly winning!

  29. Of the meme stocks this is the least losing on the day. Just saying. The whole market took a massive steaming dump since CPI last week into fed meeting this week.

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