Just a friendly reminder that we have a gape to fill before we head off to Uranus.

  1. Yeah, it is likely what is holding us back, probably lots of buys for long there or lots of closing from shorts would happen there.

  2. Red block gap has already been filled over multiple candles cumalatively including early Aug wick. We don't have to fill lower gap before we go to fill higher gaps. You're using wicks as start points on some of your gaps and not on others.

  3. The theory is not very sound IMO but it holds up statistically. All gaps must be filled is the principle of this astrology err Technical Analysis.

  4. Exhaustion gaps (above) more likely to get filled before a momentum gap (below)โ€ฆso good news, but what do I know. There is a 95% chance gaps above will be filled, so just HODL

  5. We ainโ€™t going anywhere till January you guys. The volume this week on GME is record lows for the last 5 years. The next GME official DRS report is in Dec. The liquidity will be dry as fuck after that. Then add in late December and January are the next up cycles in the โ€œmemeโ€ basket, when shorts seemingly have to cover their fake shares. I think we are going to see a decent squeeze but not till January.

  6. Yeah got it a bit wrong there. But we look like we are building lots of support at 5$. I was able to buy way more than I though. Highly manipulated stocks donโ€™t behave well, and TA in general is tantamount to astrology at best. I chart moon cycles and get interesting results heh. Best of luck to you.

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