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  1. Seriously But I think a squeeze is over for a while. But im still holding for the fundementals. In couple of years it will be a lot higher shareprice.

  2. Pssst hey kid…. Agreement with RC Ventures was reached back in March… a lot could have changed by now on their spending. 5 months

  3. bed bath and beyond this dumb job xD i quit but i'm zen hodling stonk idc. i'll get another job until bbby can pay for training for my next career

  4. Guys. I'm in trouble, need some fresh insight. I'm still all in, and wife wanted to see our investment account, which she expected to see ~80k, I showed her 63k. It's now at 41k, and I'm holding 5600 shares at $16.15. She has told me a week or two ago she wants the 63k moved out and I will never forgive myself/her if I pull out now and see a serious turn-around.

  5. Tell her look what can happen in a month. It works the other way, too. For the past three days I've told my wife "our BBBY holdings dropped another $5k today." She's more zen than I am lol.

  6. You should be concerned about your marriage more than your bank account. You have lost track of what is most important. It sounds like you didn't discuss the investment strategy with your wife beforehand. Don't listen to any replies that encourage you to lie to your wife.

  7. Yes, I have some great advice for you… Stop making shit up! That entire story is a complete farce and you know it. Shame on you posing as some kind of degenerate. You not only are trying to spread negative sentiment, it’s also not a good look and you know exactly what I am talking about!

  8. Maybe show her some of the DD posts. Only 🦍s like us understand why we in this. Show her the high quality DD posts! Good luck my friend.

  9. Man I see so many people worried, stay strong. Trading should not be stressful (avoid options in volatile stocks). Have fun trading, looking at all the DD, the fundamentals and the loyal 🦍S gives me a lot to look forward to. Load up, average down what you can afford to lose and try to have some fun doing it. Try to hedge your calls with stocks. Again not financial advice just my 🦍thoughts. You are all great, every 🦍has his/her day.

  10. A thought form someone that doesn't understand shit about this, YET! But follow a bit of logic, did you expect a new squeeze 1 month after the last squeeze? Idk, seems unlikely to me. Please, don't bring GME into this, it was almost an one time history event.

  11. Hahaha! This is a good one. Ladies and gentleman! I give you the “Shill Who Can’t Read Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too”. He’s a normal guy just like you! The kind of shill you want to have a beer with. Speaks in plain English on his bogus account.

  12. ...except the time VW did...oh and HKD....they jumped 21000%...and a few others but hey...we just ignore the other stocks that have done what GME have done.

  13. The 797M shares routed off exchange post is pretty intriguing. The high OBV post, too. Also the one this evening "Don't let them get to you" (or something along those lines) is a good summary of the current state of the play. And for me, anything regarding BABY. BABY has been and still is the true catalyst. They liked BABY in the portfolio "at this time" because it "preserves optionality and future value creation" meaning the BABY saga is just getting started.

  14. In 100 years, people will look back and think everyone was insane on Wallstreet. The greed is mind boggling. They think we are garbage, yet we are doing our trading without a billion dollar Algo super computer. I can’t wait till we get our fair share.

  15. Why does the mega thread not get updated? I've got over 10 great DD posts saved for quick reference, why aren't any posts getting stickied? Between that and the karma limits we are really hurting any newcomers ability to reciece or share new valuable information.

  16. people need to stop worrying about price dips. they will happen, its a volatile stock. Look at it this way. The original calls that were made for $80 for made for JANUARY. Wait for January. Take a look at where (and yes they are different stocks but its just an example) of where GME was in September 25, 2020 (whats that? closed @ $2.5 @ 7.5M volume?). GME is now 10x the value it was 2 years ago (after a stock split) and MSM was saying the same thing they're saying about BBBY. A lot can change in a short amount of time.

  17. What's with this negativity? Little dip. It will go up again, maybe sooner than you think. Put your big boy pants on and HODL. You'll be fine.

  18. Just remember, earnings next week. Assume & prepare for the worst. Wouldn't be surprised to see this at $5 again next week, but that is the time to buy more.

  19. I think it could definitely get to $5.50. Pretty sure this shit goes on 5 month cycles roughly. It moons for a week every 5 months then goes down into the mid single digits, till it goes back up again. Late March then Mid August. Probably January next 🤷‍♂️

  20. A trade like that will get traded in a dark pool. Also depending on the broker, the trade will get broken up to not cause an influx. If true price discovery was allowed we would not have a problem.

  21. I know this will probably get downvoted hard but the DRS-movement and GME still have a long way to go. Of course I believe that it'll get there and it's very impressive that more than $ have already been locked away. I don't want to belittle that at all but it's still "only" ~27% of the shares outstanding. This number will increase over time and at some point hit 40%, 50% and so on but 27% is 27% and not 90% or anything of that magnitude. Therefore there's still enough wiggle room, even though I truly believe that at some point they will be running out of air. On the other hand BBBY has a marketcap of ~$575m. That's only ~25% of what apes have already DRSed with GME.

  22. If people get serious about DRSing BBBY I welcome the price to drop to $1. This is a ticking time bomb, the question is, will the fuze get lit? Not financial advice.

  23. Its crazy that Apes own one and a half companies. Game cock and half of bbby, the other half being owned by wsb degens who are ‘bagholding’ waiting to offload. If that half decides drs is the way its over.

  24. Feel ya man, most of the calls and shares I own now are from the gains made during our original run. Could have used that money for a lot of other things and STILL bought everything I have now for way less.

  25. Payday friday 🤑🤑🤑 worked so much overtime------> Jan calls. I know everyone wants squeeze now but I could wait until Friday afternoon :) honestly the longer the better, just more melons for me in the end.

  26. Longer dated calls will help this moon. (There was a DD a few days ago, it's explained about OPEX) It's WAY more effective than short term calls. Eat up those longer calls as you describe!!

  27. holy shit this stupid scam ass market. They give us green twice today , to end the day LOWER than the whole trading day and WTF ??? why is HKD green. All indexes and SPy are red as fck

  28. We all hurting bad right now but do not fret. No pain no gain. Just on the fundamentals, $5-8 for the company is absurdly low. BBBY is not going bankrupt this year nor next year. Once the market stops overreacting with inflation/interest hike, BBBY will go up bigly

  29. 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  30. If the rates continue upwards BBBY won’t be able to afford another loan. I feel like they’re in trouble. Someone else chime in with some hopium

  31. You really think they took on 500 million in financing and didn't consider rate hikes ? Or that their financiers did? Hikes were guaranteed and are still guaranteed going further , they aren't a surprise OR news .The financing was approved despite a failing economy and looming rate hikes. I'll sell once the BBBY sells their ATM offering , not a second sooner. Bonds up, financing approved, re-structure happening, Board turnover, ya I'll keep holding and adding.

  32. They won't require another loan if their current strategy is successful. It genuinely sucks for the employees of the stores that are being shuttered, but trimming underperforming locations will do a lot towards their profitability.

  33. At the end we did like gme, I'm not surprised. I hope the 4% of interesting rates won't be needed tho, please putin stop this war

  34. whole market is shitting itself, i didn't think the fed announcement was that bad. SP500. DOW. SPY and nasdaq all funking tanking in the last 30 minutes, taking bbby with it.

  35. It’s certainly not good as it dumped because of the future increased rates after 2022 to battle inflation. Bonds/ low risk investments instantly become far more attractive causing downturn in stock market. The only hopeful thing is that midterms are around the corner and it probably won’t dive down all too much. But then again most of Wall Street leans Republican when it comes to fiscal policy so they could sabotage the dems by having the market tank further

  36. I think "market" (aka two algo) are worried about Europe and the fact that usa will soon lose import from Europe. Also 4% rates for a while is not a joke

  37. I'm going to teach y'all a great drink to make for stressful days like today. It's simple, delicious, and a crowd favorite!

  38. Yup. Every stonk I’ve bought into has tanked almost immediately after I bought it too. Feels like there’s no hope of escape.

  39. Analysts are left scratching their heads after a massive rally on shares of brick and mortar retailer BBBY. When questioned by the WSJ one top firm had only one thing to say, "Sneks?"

  40. lets go BBBY. We are at the same % red as the scam stock HKD wtf, we are way better IMO , doesnt make a damn sense

  41. Some of ya'll only look at bbby and it shows. The entire market has the same green candle on almost every stock. Calm your tits

  42. It's not the 75 basis point hike. It's that the Fed now sees a 3.9% rate through 2024. No way a long recession is good for a struggling retailer like BBBY. People will be hoarding cash. They don't expect 2% inflation again until 2025. Think for yourselves, folks. Don't get caught up in this cult mentality. These guys don't pay your bills or save for your future. Nov 29th earnings likely to be very ugly. Good Luck to all. Going to be very tough for a looong time.

  43. i feel like we will never make it back to 30$ .... im average like at 22-23$ , i forgot how much exactly because i am scared to see the big minus in my trading account lol

  44. This is why stock market is a freaking scam. They give us a bit of green today (not just BBBY im talking about, in general). After the announcement of the interests, its like they were SURPRISED about the 75 points hike. Dude, everyone's mom and dad knew it would go up 75 pts. How does it make it a reason to dip the market???

  45. Fake breakdown, we not even at SPY June levels. Once at 360 then start thinking next move. Likely will see dead cat bounce from this fake breakdown.

  46. this is so stupid. Everyone's cats and dogs knew the interest hike would be 75 points, they dip the market like it was a surprise

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