It's looking like we have a few more days down before we hit the local bottom if we completely disregard FTDs and solely look at the fraudulent collateral stock. It's been theorized by many that this is how shorts avoid liquidation. Local bottom on 9/27 before we see a pump at/around 9/28, then...?

  1. And then earnings on 9/29 which will probably send it down further for a little while. In the meantime we'll have that one guy who posts how RC is gonna tweet tonight.

  2. This post is more for me to keep an eye on HKD for educational purposes. Not an attempt to hype dates as much as something to consult later when it's proven true/false.

  3. Maybe the earnings will be positive, and they'll make a runup to justify that.....and average joe will think the stock just rised due to earnings......

  4. I personally dont think it will be positive solely because of the news they had at the end of last month, this thus tanking to $4 after earnings

  5. disagree with this post. Any type of selling from here on out is a means for the price to go up. Don’t even try to suggest there is time to day trade. I see YOU shill!

  6. First of all, reading comprehension clearly isn't your strongest skill. Second of all, I need you to tell your bosses that I'm never selling 😉

  7. Ha you shill, you being here only strengthens my beliefs in bbby, why else would you be concerned for my monay . I’m buying more rn

  8. Crazy how its trading at a .09 price to sales ratio. Any good big news and we could see it trading at 1-1.5. I haven’t seen any stock I’m watching trade this low p/s, I saw one trading 64 p/s during the peaks of last year.

  9. Brooooo!!!! I saw this and Im like wft? looks like BBBY. Good to know im not the only one thinking it. any links to old posts about this you can share? what did I miss?

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