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  1. good my puts are printing. i suggest people start doing the same and use the gains to buy shares. sit n bitch here all you want but i will be playing fire against fire. Followed by calls in november.

  2. Tomorrow I’m going to my local BBBY and buying $500 of stuff rather than shares! This is a multi prong approach. We only make money if business stays alive.

  3. Algos and shf learn from experience, GME is the latest experience, they are expecting repeat behaviour, we have to be one step ahead of them. Which is basically add, hodl and drs. They were not expecting this.

  4. In meme stocks human behaviour and psyche is what matters more, not so much algos and fundamentals. A movement and a belief is much bigger than any TA. Example Trump was never by TA/polls expected to win. This movement here has to stay united and grow and eventually we will defy all FUD/Haters and SHF. There are a lot of closet big whales holding BBBY but afraid to say so. At the end it’s all about money not ideology, our strength is numbers and institutions will see it cause it makes them money. LFG 🦍s!

  5. Unless you need the money to feed yourself or pay your rent (which you shouldn't be investing with anyways), then I don't understand the worry . this play has EVERYTHING to gain and very little left to lose. I think most of y'all have been looking at daily or weekly chart for too long or anticipating major dates. Zoom out to the 3 , 6 , 12 month charts, take a breath. We aren't going bankrupt, the price will find fair value either through a squeeze or just by time. The news of non-profitable store closures alone should have given us rise , but we are heavily manipulated by an intense amount of naked short selling, so we KNOW they are scared. If you see things the way I see them, none of this price action the last month matters , it's a blessing. I never would have been able to afford the shares and calls I can afford now, my conviction hasn't changed a single bit from August. Every new piece of FUD or Shill-raid only gets me more excited, if they didn't care they wouldn't bother. Thieves don't break into empty homes folks.

  6. Can you guys ELI5? I check in on this subreddit every few weeks and there are always new dates posted when things are going ‘to the moon’ but the dates keep changing and the stocks look in worse shape each time I check in. The reasons in the elaborate posts of growth happening also seem to keep changing. Does this mean each theory turns out not to be true?

  7. You’re never fucked until you sell. We’re shorted 108% as of 8/31/2022 per Yahoo Finance. I sold RKT today at a 10k loss today to pick up 1,000 shares of BBBY AT $7.87. Lookin good feelin good. The time is coming. Be patient.

  8. I’m checking this sub every few weeks and seeing more pessimistic but perhaps realistic comments but of course downvoted for the counter sentiment. This is the most psychologically fascinating sub and I’m studying what the anchoring is for hope, besides that it ‘has’ to work out lest everyone admit having made a mistake.

  9. I own a multiple and it is my whole life savings. But i still have full long term conviction. OK I hold since years, the squeeze will come or not.

  10. Nearly a month without updates from company/board or an RC tweet. Earnings end of month, I'm sure everyone is expecting to be bad. The looming FOMC meeting tomorrow, and of course the FTD issue. I see many potential catalysts near term, if they beat earnings or the fed is dovish on the hike? If the board updates us with more bullish news or RC adds fuel to the tin foil fire . Lots to be excited about. I'm loading hard friday morning.

  11. my dumbass went and bought some hkd cause I thought it was somehow linked to bbby. Was going to use my winnings to buy more bbby. But that backfired.. I am a Full Regard!

  12. Some fellas don't really understand "the price is wrong until it isn't." Shills don't want you to get it. But it seems unlikely one would ever be privy to deep value and black swan events without internalizing it.

  13. nahh the markets been nose diving way before today, rate hikes are priced in, but I'd argue way too low. If the announcement is 75bps a small rally on the broad market Thurs/Fri which can trigger price action for BBBY.

  14. Can anyone make a meme out of the videoclip of "Four Year Strong - Tonight We Feel Alive", just like they did with that movie for GME, PLEASE?

  15. I'm downvoting any "DD" that is FTD related because this shit is so fucking annoying to read over and over while they completely ignore the reality of the situation - your FTD's mean FUCK ALL.

  16. Please be advised, our organization strives to provide only the finest and safest Sneks around. That being said, we can only guarantee 95% of distributed Sneks to be non venomous.

  17. I emailed Susie from IR relations and asked that BBBY give an update on DRS during September update. I also asked what the agreement with RC Ventures was in March (and again referred to in the 8k filing) and she sent me the same presentation release we got on changes to the board back in March.

  18. Depends how you look at it. If you're bullish, it's a great time to average down on shares and get good entries on calls imo, especially leaps

  19. almost like why the government just doesn't raise interest by 200 points and get done with it ,instead of adding 75-100 points every 2-3 months.

  20. so FTDs were covered back in late augusts runup and the two prior weeks. folks spamming FTDs to try and get you to play options should be banned.

  21. I spent all of my teenage years playing Dark Souls on extremely laggy hardware and learned some Zen. The hedgies and their shenanigans do nothing to me. Bought more Jan 80c

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