Today the highest notional FTD position is due. Combined with low amounts of shares to borrow I expect a positive up trend till Friday.

  1. Because idiots think each day is its own set of FTDs such as this post. They're not. It's a running total. Most of this was covered by 30 Aug when FTDs we down to 5 figures.

  2. We're supposed to be on Day #8 from my 15 Days of Baby post, there was 15 solid days where the FTDs were above $1M in notional value with many days far over. Price has gone down or stagnated every day since it was supposed to have started.

  3. Because FTDs are cumulative. They were settled on the 19th as you can see from the table itself. Instead of sealing this information into their minds people continue to look for other conspiracy bullshit to explain what you asked.

  4. They have been covered already. Why wouldn’t they be? The price now is so much lower than the price of FTD. 1% of daily volume from all these days where the price was hovering around 8 or below would easily cover these FTD.

  5. Still in an sld window till Wed. Could be a good day but Sept 22 as "c35" correlating with 395 mil vol shares traded looks more interesting imo, if you consider July 11 Ftd spike and Aug 16 intraday jump as a c35 event.... Still working on conflicting info,

  6. Well they fuckin kicked the can to the moon today. I can’t help but laugh every time I look over at my screen and see a lower price.

  7. Cumulative is a confusing word imo Cumulative up to the date reported So in theory going from 2.4 mil ftds July 11 to 30k on July 13 would mean those 2.4 mil were closed by July 13. But since ftds are self reported and we consistently see action around c35 it suggest otherwise. Not to mention ftds are voluntarily reported, so as Stacy Mosher suggests, ftds can actually be around 10x higher than reported.

  8. Hate that I had to scroll this far down to read this. So many of these FTD posts are so littered with misinformation.

  9. Because people are idiots that love spreading misinformation for hype and copium then being disappointed when nothing happens.

  10. QUESTION! if they are cumulative, doesnt that mean that all these date are irrelavent and the most accurate FTD date that we should look for is a working day or two working day before lets say today? For example, if FTD on July 5th is 3mil and FTD on July 7th is 100k, that means the total FTD as of 7th july is only 100k, nothing in the millions. Hope someone is able to clarify!

  11. This is what happens when you upvote FTD nonsense and dismiss every comment that explains how it actually works. It's somewhat frustrating to see but also hilarious. I mean, there's literally a column(last one on the right) that shows how the FTDs diminish or increase with respect to the previous day.

  12. In 2 hours we see the post come up “shares available to short” and then we see, “WTF 2 million shares borrowed where do these keep coming from ok hedgies keep digging deeper” but it’s every day. It never ends.

  13. My average is $8.9 but I could have sold for 300%. Fml. How can one stock have so many shit announcements one after the other? And we still have to see the horrible earnings on Sep 29th. May this be a lesson for my future me.

  14. Even if there was 1M FTDs to deliver (which there are not and can be read in table itself) this wouldn't do shit. What is 1M shares to be bought? When volume in August was almost 400M?

  15. You see that 267k on the next day? Do you know what that means with respect to the previous day? You guys really don't get...

  16. Idk feels like it won't affect the price at all (just like the last 100 predictions which were all wrong so far) and people will be disappointed again.

  17. The only news the people on this sub can stomach is positive news that supports their confirmation bias. Anything else is “hedgie FUD”.

  18. Totally agree. Momentum has evaporated with RC, whether people like it or not. All this FTDs retarded crap is just to somehow cope with all the consecutive shit news that we got.

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