Discussion around recent FTD price movement and its implications

  1. Buy long calls dated Jan 2023. This will drive the price up. Read the latest DD it’s awesome. We are winning.

  2. I mean most of my calls are 10c Feb 2023. Of course I hope they do something but the GME March 10 crash (if anyone remembers, its when GME was on its second run and was about to cross 350 then it dropped like 160 points in 2 seconds) also suggests MM can drop the hedge at anytime to slam the price to their advantage

  3. It’s weird. All of a sudden a bunch of folks who were shilling GME yesterday are now over here doing the same. I think we are on to something!

  4. The way to wear them down is by holding your shares. Any profits they are making are being ate up by interest. They don't buy shares at $8 to cover, they borrow shares at huge interest. We can hurt them by holding and keeping that interest rate up. That's for the time being. One day, when people catch on there will be so much buying that price will rise and it will be like a magic shit snowball rolling up a mountain. Or they will get tired of paying so much interest and close.

  5. Yeah no, never underestimate the ability of the us financial juggernaut to keep it self propped up. They can do this shit until they can’t. Go talk to some of the og gme apes. Nothing has changed and they can keep rolling these fails. Can retail sustain huge volume? No.

  6. They’re hoping enough of us will sell eventually and they can cover. They can just roll it out into oblivion with OTM calls.

  7. Think that's with the MOC market on close order auction process. Anything within 4pm and before 4:01 pm you have to take into consideration there

  8. I think this is a gross misunderstanding of the FTD dynamics at play. Your misconception here might even deserve to be considered 'FUD.'

  9. I wonder how long it will take for that frivolous lawsuit to officially be dismissed…”without merit” that should absolutely be a catalyst

  10. Remember seeing a post about swaps and a two-year cycle that was related to GameStop. And they also locked swap information until October 2023

  11. Week of 9-16 was hyped because they could control the price within a sld window. End of this week not the case. Look at Aug 24 to Aug 28 when we ran from below 9 Aug 23 to over 15 Aug 28. If it was simply a matter of employing this technique then why would it ran at all then, or the run from Aug 12 to 16,17? I suspect IF something like that is happening, the mechanism being so basic or more complex, there's large windows of time where they cannot do this effectively, and this Wed is the start of one of those periods coinciding with mass numbers of ftds.

  12. OP is a Troll selling FUD. Look at their profile. Read the comments. They seek free karma and come here stating how shorts will win. Proof is in their posts and karma.

  13. My history is full of bullish comments. Last Friday and yesterday stock behaved weird, I opened up a discussion as an investor to hear more bull thesis and this makes me "selling FUD?" Proof is in my posts? Which posts?

  14. Dude, you wrote everything clearly, I wrote about it here in the group, but I'm attacked by incomprehensible people who think everything will be fine, but they really kick the jar and it can last a long time until there is a strong cohesion and a lot of PR on wsb. Wsb posts block and mock us, they say it's over and it's time to leave the ship, but it's not, we can still defeat the Citadel!!! 💪🏻

  15. Near the money long dated calls is the only way to combat this. We need the the MM’s to hedge in our favor not in the shorts favor which they are currently doing. It’s already been proven in August with all the 1/20/23 OI and in GME Jan 21.

  16. Yeah those ftds dosent do a shit. Maybe make to run 5-6% then short it down again. Whats next catalyst? We need good news or profit for this to ever take off

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