highly data loaded DD about GEX and a theory about RCs January calls

  1. Ummmm… Eureka? Didn’t you read the four part DD on this very topic over the weekend? Pretty much what it said.

  2. This makes total sense to me, I've been saying RC bought those $80 calls as a message to us, he had too much to gain by purchasing and selling lower strike calls IMO.

  3. Another thing why would somebody sell while he nows he doesn’t own the stock for 6month and would be an insider while in a up while he nows just the hype could make €80 ?? Just write it down here 🥴

  4. We cant read Ryan Cohens mind nor should we be supposed to . We of GME have had 2 years of his memes on twitter ,with nothing else said . There is faith and there is blind faith .Fuck you all and see you tomorrow.

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